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Welcome to Tom McMasters' blog about being Mayor & life in Huber Heights


This is the third year of my four year term as Mayor.  This site is set up so that I can let you know my thoughts on City government and you can give me feedback on what you like and dislike about my performance as mayor as well as what is going on in the City.  We can talk about anything here.  To the left you can post your own blog.  You can also comment on the main articles.  If you ever want to get back to the front page click on the top left part of the page that has the logo.  Also, for quick notes or to tell you about upcoming events I often use my Facebook page
Remember this is an open forum set up so we can have a conversation that allows me to learn more about the city and your views. Yes I know, people shouldn't do public math.  Oh well, you're going to see it, warts and all.  With luck you'll give me insight into what you're thinking, but I'm positive it will allow you to see how I think.
Tom McMasters

As important as I'd like to think this website can be, if you really want to keep up with City government regularly look at the agenda items found on the City's Meeting Information & Audio / Video page 

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Brandt Pike revitalization, Bike paths and Roundabouts

Category: General

The City currently has a Request for Proposals out to companies that want to bid on helping to develop a plan for revitalizing the Brandt Pike Corridor.  The bids are due Dec 3rd so if you know of a company that does this kind of work have them look at the proposal criteria.
One idea that I heard from a resident awhile ago was to try and make the interior residential neighborhoods between…

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Brandt Pike revitalization, Bike paths and Roundabouts

Actually Tom I had and have many ideas. I even have passed some of those on to city staff. As usual they were brushed off and I was even told that the concepts did not fit Huber Heights. I recommended this 40 year old organization that does Community revitalization all over the Globe. But I guess that alone is not good enough.
Also Tom there is actually suppose to another $50,000 from when the city "allocated" funds for a committee for South of 70. But that was just to take the Big Lots Property
So if you add it up it's over $50,000
Home - Project for Public Spaces

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DDN article concerning staff at General Council Meetings

they both knew that the upgrade was needed for almost a year! but waited because of the timeline of the "renewel" of the last levy.

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Recent videos from Local 2926 interviews

Mr. Mayor,
Pointing fingers is never a good thing to do when you are misinformed. You have stated that firefighter Kevin Foley is stating bad information to counter what the candidates are stating. Well Mr Mayor, you yourself are very misinformed. That was not firefighter Kevin Foley making those very accurate and very compelling statements. That was BC Kevin Foley making those statements. There is a very big difference between the two. So before you decide to try to make the fire department look bad and are making slanderous comments against the wrong person, make sure you yourself have the correct information. 

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I'm always looking for your input to help me improve the discussion

Congrats Tom,
You broke the mold when you got elected. Now with your leadership you have changed council for the better. Keep asking questions. Your on the right path.

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Update 15 Oct -- Another $579,000 wasted by Council

 I know we have put way to much money in this housing project.. if it were so much in demand people would be putting down payment moneys on the units to get them built.. Just food for thought.. I vote NO MORE GIVING MONEYS $$ AWAY..

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Site Purpose

I've found that when people talk to our current city council they listen. I also believe council both needs that scrutiny and they don't like it. In fact, they proclaim they want public input but then their actions discourage it. I’ve been trying for a year and a half to get more people to learn about what council is doing because I know with our feedback the city will end up with better government. This website is new online and I have a great vision on where it can go! Right now you can review the beginning of the Aquatic Center or “The Heights” or you can create a profile and start adding content to this site. This is a great project and I look forward to working with you to ensure we get good government here in Huber Heights.



If you've come to this website because of a flier you probably want to see the City Lawyer's opinion paper first. At the very bottom of that page you can find a link to the flier for you to download it and pass it out yourself. 
Tom McMasters


Web Designers, Authors, Ideas Wanted

This website theme has great potential especially since it is open source and free but I can see I'll need help to make it work. If you believe in the vision and you can write code for a website as sophisticated as this contact me. As useful as this site seems it loads pretty slow so if you know of another open source theme that does the same things contact me.
Also, I think if there are 8 of us willing to rotate through the committee meetings and then write about the key events we can improve this city. Contact me if you are interested.

Finally, if you have pictures of City events, construction, public areas or services I'd like to show them. Send them to me and I'll incorporate them into the site. Tom McMasters

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Housing to Youth

I was looking at the procedures to start an llc and found this interesting in the context of all the questions about Concept 1.  I wonder if they have the referenced letter and if they do why they didn't provide it.  It certainly would have helped their credibility. 

Some of the reasons to add an attachment would be in the following situations:
* The business name you have selected is already in

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I'm always looking for your input to help me improve the discussion

 This week I've been following comments to a DDN article about the construction of the Fire Station.  It would be more beneficial to me if more of these discussions helped me do my job. For instance if you fast forward to 1:25:10 of the administration committee video you will see that I asserted that we had not passed a budget for the Fire Station. This is wrong. We passed a budget on Sept 14, 2

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2040 Long Range Transportation Plan

Subject:        Public Participation Meetings to be held regarding the 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan Update. 
Dayton, OH - The Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission (MVRPC) will hold a series of Public Participation Meetings regarding the 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan Update as follows: 

  • Tuesday, October 20, 2015 
Troy-Miami County Public Library – Multipurpose Room
419 W. Ma

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