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Welcome to Tom McMasters' blog about being Mayor & life in Huber Heights


I believe I will be able to make better decisions if more residents know what's happening in Huber Heights. When I started this site I hoped to inspire 4 or 5 residents to attend committee meetings and then write informative articles for the rest of the community to reference. That idea never developed and I ended up writing most of the articles.  Now that I've been elected Mayor, I've been in a quandary on what to do with the site. The city has official methods for conveying information. I plan to use this open forum to have a conversation that allows me to learn more about the city and your views. Yes I know, people shouldn't do public math.  Oh well, you're going to see it, warts and all.  With luck you'll give me insight into what you're thinking, but I'm positive it will allow you to see how I think.
Tom McMasters

As important as I'd like to think this website can be, if you really want to keep up with City government regularly look at the agenda items found on the City's Meeting Information & Audio / Video page 

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​Aquatic Center Costs

Category: General

I've heard a lot of comments and received some inquiries about the Aquatic Center over the last few weeks.  Over the last couple months council has been provided a running total of the number of attendees at the aquatic center this year.  These numbers have been much closer to last years numbers than they have been to the first year's attendance numbers. 
We've heard a lot of rumors and…

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New Library discussion

Category: Huber Heights City Government

There will be an edit to this article - Alizea is currently telling me I'm late to taking her swimming, I'd appreciate you emails / comments that will assist in corrections:

A couple years ago Montgomery County voters approved a Library Levy that will result in Huber Heights getting a new library.  Huber Heights new facility is planned to be completed as part of the last phase of the…

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Viewing City Council Meetings

Category: Huber Heights City Government

There are a couple new broadcasts of the City Council Meetings.  I received this message from the Clerk of Council.

There are a variety of means for the public to view the Huber Heights City Council Meetings.
The videotaped meetings of the Huber Heights City Council are now broadcast in Huber Heights by Dayton Access Television (DATV) on Time Warner Cable as follows:
·       Tuesdays (on the next week

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Another television appearance!

Category: General

Well - my picture was on WHIO and the DDN quoted the report in their article.  This report was about the recall effort and after viewing it someone made a Facebook post.  It is because of that Facebook post that I've composed this article.

After seeing the news report Bill made this Facebook response. 

Tyler, I have a question for you. The mayor of Huber apparently stated that he would address

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Have you been duped into believing the Mayor is "just" a figure head?

Category: General

According to the City Charter the Huber Heights Mayor is the most influential member of council with the most duties and responsibilities.  Even though the rest of council inappropriately stated the Mayor doesn't get a committee vote, this doesn't change the fact that the Mayor gets to vote on Legislation and that the Mayor's legislative voting privileges are always more powerful than…

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Recent Comments

Have you been duped into believing the Mayor is "just" a figure head?


Your examples are very in depth and detailed.  The reality of the topic is, when was the last time any vote on council was anything but 8-0 or 7-1.  You stand very little chance of ever getting to break a tie or veto anything the current council votes on.  Hang in there, hopefully change is coming but it is going to take some time.

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water bill

I received my bill and it was the highest of the year.  Though I know I had a day when the toilet ran for a couple of hours.  I know the water rates have not changed.

I'm wondering if you found a reason why it was so high?  Does your bill show higher consumption than usual?  If the bill says you had higher consumption have you contacted United Water?  They can check their records to see if there was a specific day with an unusual amount used or if it was something that happen over multiple daysl.

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Has the city really been running a $2.3 million dollar deficit the…

Time to vote out the entire council and start from scratch. UNREAL!

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Speaking notes and News Coverage of Music Center Contract

Thomas, I see Ch 7 ran coverage of the music center, but decided to use "file video" from a "roundtable" meeting that happened months ago. I haven't seen anything on 22/45 WKEF/WRGT, even though they had a camera there. The WDTN report(also aired on WBDT at 10pm) appears to be the best coverage

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Levy Ordinance and Music Center Management Contract on Monday's age…

" committee then spent the next 2.5 hours enthusiastically emphasizing their expectation that I stop communicating with the public".

This is absolutely sickening to hear. The council simply wants to spend and spend with no resistance from anybody. Do they want Huber to eventually turn into a little Detroit?  I wonder why the tea party groups and gun sales have increased over the last few years. People have zero respect for our elected officials because of their sneaky backroom deals and not telling the public about what we are supposed to vote on.

So as good citizens of Huber, we are supposed to approve an income tax hike plus another school levy both at the same time? Home prices are stagnant or dropping, school fees are already too high, grocery prices feel like they have doubled, and yet we are supposed to give a couple more thousand dollars a year to these elected officials simply because they keep spending it on whatever they want? But don't tell the public what we are doing! Who is going to have the extra discetionary cash to spend on actually going to a performance at the new music center?

This city council is absolutely sickening!

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Site Purpose

I've found that when people talk to our current city council they listen. I also believe council both needs that scrutiny and they don't like it. In fact, they proclaim they want public input but then their actions discourage it. I’ve been trying for a year and a half to get more people to learn about what council is doing because I know with our feedback the city will end up with better government. This website is new online and I have a great vision on where it can go! Right now you can review the beginning of the Aquatic Center or “The Heights” or you can create a profile and start adding content to this site. This is a great project and I look forward to working with you to ensure we get good government here in Huber Heights.



If you've come to this website because of a flier you probably want to see the City Lawyer's opinion paper first. At the very bottom of that page you can find a link to the flier for you to download it and pass it out yourself. 
Tom McMasters


Web Designers, Authors, Ideas Wanted

This website theme has great potential especially since it is open source and free but I can see I'll need help to make it work. If you believe in the vision and you can write code for a website as sophisticated as this contact me. As useful as this site seems it loads pretty slow so if you know of another open source theme that does the same things contact me.
Also, I think if there are 8 of us willing to rotate through the committee meetings and then write about the key events we can improve this city. Contact me if you are interested.

Finally, if you have pictures of City events, construction, public areas or services I'd like to show them. Send them to me and I'll incorporate them into the site. Tom McMasters

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VA Healthcare Benefits

I received the following letter with contact information for Veterans eligible for VA benefits.  

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Union Negotiations

I am a proponent of live streaming video of Union Negotiations.  I've not seen that done yet  but I did stumble across this posting of the current Wright State Negotiations currently going on

I personally believe that having full disclosure of the negotiations provides the public the best insight into the complexities of the job…

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Young Marines - Boot Camp

The Yound Marines meet in Huber Heights at St Peters.  Contact information is at the bottom of the flier.

Young Marine Boot Camp Flier

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Which city council members are up for election in 2013

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