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AFLCMC implementation of the ACCESS Contract violates the law

Over the past two years, AFLCMC and many of the ACCESS eligible companies have violated FAR 52.222-46, The Professional Services Clause, when they failed to ensure a wage structure that “was generally consistent with the salaries being paid by the incumbent contractor” .

Have you been affected?  Do you anticipate being affected by these violations?  The ACCESS Action Group works to correct violations, establish compliant contracting procedures and make whole all those damaged by AFLCMC and the companies complicit in the current implementation of this contract.

Join the team.  The more of us that file legitimate complaints, employ relevant strategies, publicize the situation and share examples of company and government misconduct,  then the quicker this issue will be resolved.

Contact Tom McMasters at Access_Action_Group@tfmsview.com or leave a message at 937 985-6275