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In 2010, the City of Huber Heights contracted with the Center for Urban and Public Affairs (CUPA) at Wright State University to conduct a random telephone survey to assess resident perceptions of parks and recreation in Huber Heights, as well as waste collection services and water softening. This summary report will provide an analysis of the data collection which occurred from August-October of 2010.

The city council often quoted this survey to justif

Huber Heights Recreation Activity Center Master Plan April 2011

Provides the planning document for the Aquatic Center and Park.

Proposed Budget for 2014 and 2013 City of Huber Heights

The download is still of the 2013 proposed budget.  Here is a link to the 2014 budget long version   
and 2014 budget short version
This is a compressed copy of the 2013 Huber Heights Budget as proposed in the Nov 2012 Administration Committee meeting. The first reading of this budget will be done in the 26 Nov 2012 City Council Meeting. Approval of the budget will occur in the Dec 10, 2012 meeting.

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This is the first contract between the city and the developer for "The Heights" development project.

The Heights - Tax Revenues Generated for Various Government Entities

Executive Summary:
The Heights retail, hospitality and office development will significantly increase the economic activity in the region and generate millions of dollars of public funds for the City of Huber Heights, Huber Heights Consolidated School District, Montgomery County and the State of Ohio.

This document was revealed on the day the residents first learned about the Heights Development Project

Huber Heights TIF Districts - Map (circa 2011/2012)

Tax Increment Financing (TIF) is a substitution for traditional property taxes. This is a map of the TIF Districts in Huber Heights that was provided by the city in early 2012.

Single Hauler Trash Collection Bid responses Feb 2013

The council approved the ordinance on April 8, 2013.  Here is a link to the agenda item.  You can find the Resolution as an attachment as well as the contract.

Original ________________________________________________________________________________
The city has been looking into contracting with a single trash hauling company to provide residential service for the city. Three companies responded to the Request for Proposal (RFP). This documen…

Huber Heights Trash Feasibility Study October 11, 2012

This document also available directly from the city's website:  Public Works Meeting Agenda 10/17/2012

Currently, Huber Heights’ residents living in single family homes, have the opportunity to choose their own waste collection provider. There are several companies who service the city and residents can choose the options and services that best meet their needs. The Huber Heights City Council has requested that City Staff look into the fea…

Music Center and Aquatic Center financing projection

The attached file is a scan of papers the city provided as the response to my Freedom of Information Act request.  In that request I asked for two items:

1.  The audit/report done by the Montgomery County TID in 2011 that showed the city would be able to finance the Aquatic Center using TIF funds. 

2.  The report done by city staff that showed the city would be able to finance the new Music Center using TIF funds.

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