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This is to benefit Carriage Trails

There is an interesting (and should be controversial item) on the agenda Monday night.  It would be controversial if some of the more conservative members of the community were aware.  This is because the proposal is set up to allow the developers of Carriage Trails to get State money with no real benefit to the State or the City. 
Interestingly, one of the Council member was struggling with…

A Briefing isn't a Report

I know I gave great praise in my article "We Won" to staff for producing some written documentation that can be reviewed by residents to help us understand the financial situation of the City.  This will be somewhat helpful in helping people evaluate the city financial situation when they go to vote November 4th.  Hopefully, we are working toward the day when the information is made available…

Ebola will give science a bad name

My apologies this really belongs on but I haven't written there for awhile and I wanted to get my thoughts out quick.

While listening to Meet the Press this morning a CDC representative kept saying things like the science tells us that you can't get Ebola from a person that doesn't have symptoms and you can't get Ebola if you don't come in contact with a person's bodily fluids.  Yet we know that two healthcare works from the first Ebola patient diagnosed in America ended up with the virus.

Just the FAQs flier

I received an email this evening from a resident complaining the City is sending out campaign literature about the upcoming vote on the tax levy.  My first inclination was to write him back and tell him the city is forbidden by law to spend money campaigning for a tax levy.  I haven't actually read the law or the opinions that state the city or the school district is forbidden from spending…

​We Won!

We won the opportunity to do more work.  Monday night at the Administration Committee meeting Huber Heights residents got background information that was useful in helping us understand some of the positive and negative reasons past decisions have been made.  We received a number of briefings, accompanied by worksheets, that can help us understand the financial situation of the city.  For once…

There are Budgets and there are Budgets

I was included on an email inquiry and I thought I would share the author's request as well as my response:

"I attended the meeting last night and JVargo said at the end the reports were at library, online etc, the only thing on line are estimated for 2013, 2014 and the one from 2013 refers back to the 2012.  I respectfully request that you direct to the actual expenditure reports for 2013."

Resignation effective 31 Dec 2015 resume office on 1 Jan 2016

Not sure how WHIO reported it but I did ask Alan Scheafer tonight, "what would happen if I announced that I intended to resign effective Dec 31, 2015?  Would the Board of Elections schedule a mayoral election for next year with the primary in May 2015 and the general election November 2015.  If so would I be eligible to run?  

If this is how it would work then I would be willing to announce a Dec 2015 resignation and then run in the May 2015 primary and November 2015…

Town Hall - where's the facts?

Not too long ago council borrowed $8 million dollars to build Carriage Trails Parkway.  They kept rolling over the short term notes until the debt became $13 million.  Then they got a public / private partnership going where the private party paid the debt down so that there is only $7 million dollars left on that original investment.  Of course the city has borrowed another $12 million…

Aquatic Center and other Park discussions

Monday 29 Sept after the Music Center discussion which starts at 6 pm City Council will discuss some of the controversial items about the Aquatic and Amphitheater as well as try to develop an overall strategy to improve the operations of the entire park system.  Read the meeting notice below.  Keep in mind we’ve already heard from opposing views on many of these items.  Your yea and nea…

Spending the $750,000 Music Center Budget

Monday (29 Sept 2013) Huber Heights City Council will hold a Special Session of Council in order to discuss:
The Process By Which Talent Is Engaged For The Music Center At The Heights By Music Event Management, Inc., The Role Of The City In That Process And The Role Of The City Manager In The Execution Of The City’s Duties Under The Facility Management Agreement,
My apologies for the…

Music Center Sponsorship Council meeting discussion

Though tonight's meeting seemed pretty chaotic it boils down pretty simply.
Before reading the VIP sponsorship contract I thought the VIP section concept consisted of individual ticket purchasers having the option of also buying the experience of using the VIP section.  In this concept if it turned out that all the people in the VIP section were all associated with one family or company it…

Marigold Festival Sept 2013  

The Marigold Festival will be held Sept 13, 2014.  Admission and Parking are free to the public.  Click read more below to see the vendor maps.  The announcement on the City Website can be found by clicking here  The times for the live performances should be available there soon.  I'll be there so come out and say hello. 

Attractions for the day:

  • Jim Bucher- Guest Emcee
  • Dayton Demonz-

​Aquatic Center Costs

I've heard a lot of comments and received some inquiries about the Aquatic Center over the last few weeks.  Over the last couple months council has been provided a running total of the number of attendees at the aquatic center this year.  These numbers have been much closer to last years numbers than they have been to the first year's attendance numbers. 
We've heard a lot of rumors and seen…

New Library discussion

There will be an edit to this article - Alizea is currently telling me I'm late to taking her swimming, I'd appreciate you emails / comments that will assist in corrections:

A couple years ago Montgomery County voters approved a Library Levy that will result in Huber Heights getting a new library.  Huber Heights new facility is planned to be completed as part of the last phase of the County's…

Viewing City Council Meetings

There are a couple new broadcasts of the City Council Meetings.  I received this message from the Clerk of Council.

There are a variety of means for the public to view the Huber Heights City Council Meetings.
The videotaped meetings of the Huber Heights City Council are now broadcast in Huber Heights by Dayton Access Television (DATV) on Time Warner Cable as follows:
·       Tuesdays (on

Another television appearance!

Well - my picture was on WHIO and the DDN quoted the report in their article.  This report was about the recall effort and after viewing it someone made a Facebook post.  It is because of that Facebook post that I've composed this article.

After seeing the news report Bill made this Facebook response. 

Tyler, I have a question for you. The mayor of Huber apparently stated that he would address

VA Healthcare Benefits

I received the following letter with contact information for Veterans eligible for VA benefits.  

Union Negotiations

I am a proponent of live streaming video of Union Negotiations.  I've not seen that done yet  but I did stumble across this posting of the current Wright State Negotiations currently going on

I personally believe that having full disclosure of the negotiations provides the public the best insight into the complexities of the job…

Young Marines - Boot Camp

The Yound Marines meet in Huber Heights at St Peters.  Contact information is at the bottom of the flier.

Young Marine Boot Camp Flier

Have you been duped into believing the Mayor is "just" a figure head?

According to the City Charter the Huber Heights Mayor is the most influential member of council with the most duties and responsibilities.  Even though the rest of council inappropriately stated the Mayor doesn't get a committee vote, this doesn't change the fact that the Mayor gets to vote on Legislation and that the Mayor's legislative voting privileges are always more powerful than any…

water bill

  • Posted 29th June 2014, 6:32 pm
  • By sdballard

I received my water bill, this month and it has doubled, I have no leaks, and I do not understand why my bill has doubled for this last cycle, does anyone have any suggestions!

Get the Mayor to buy you a Donut and Coffee

Wednesday July 2 any time between 7:00 to 8:30 am, if you are willing to sit down and talk with me for 5 minutes, I'll buy you a donut and a cup of tea at Tim Hortons Donuts. 
Marylin laughs and tells me I'll be lucky if there are four people in all of Huber Heights that want to sit down and talk politics at 7:00 o'clock in the morning.  I do the math in my head and think, "that leaves 8 donuts for me --…

Help with Electric Costs

I thought I would re-post this article:

We're pleased to announce that the Summer Crisis Program, which provides electric bill payment assistance to eligible families, will  begin Tuesday, July 1 and continue through Sunday, Aug. 31, or until funds are depleted. Community Action Partnership will provide assistance to households with incomes up to 175 percent of the 2014 Federal Poverty Guidelines

Has the city really been running a $2.3 million dollar deficit the…

I walked into the Ward 3 meeting this evening and I caught the last of the discussion where a friend of mine bought up the balances shown in 2014 budget projection of the  balances for the Unencumbered Cash in the General, Police and Fire funds. 
If you attend the Ward meetings or listen to the City's 2025 plan you will hear that the city has been on average running a $2.3 million deficit…

Every Warrior Plays 5k - I'm planning on (running???) July 26, 2014

___Update____ 15 July 2014 ___ Tomorrow is last day to ensure T-Shirt ___ Also read about post race lunch_________

I received this message via my Mayor's email address from Sheri Combs
Just a Reminder.......Some important dates are quickly approaching!!!!
This Wednesday, July 16th at midnight – Deadline to register and guarantee a t-shirt.  Registration can still be done on-line after Wednesday

Music Center - another Million Dollars in Construction Costs

From the Administration Committee meeting Tuesday Jun 17, 2014.
Council intends to add an additional $1 million to the Music Center construction cost Monday night. The two additions are a VIP Tent / reception / parking area and upgrades to the concession stands. 
The VIP tickets may be presented to sponsors, purchasers of box seats and possibly season ticket holders.  Additional to the…

​Finally something to debate – DDN article; Huber mayor is recall t…

Last Monday night's council meeting highlights one of my main frustrations.  I've been stating specific instances where we could be making better decisions, for instance Monday I pointed out that we are telling people, "pass the levy or we will have to cut police and fire", yet we've committed to opening the Music Center even though we haven't got one dime in the budget to advertise concerts,…

Speaking notes and News Coverage of Music Center Contract

I've posted the notes I used when I spoke Monday.  I follow that with the observations I passed to city staff concerning the management agreement.  Also local media outlets attended the council meeting.  I'll be posting links as I find them.  

Here is the WDTN report:    Here is the report

Watch the video

SBA Offers Disaster Assistance Affected by Heavy Rainfall, Strong W…

Chief Ashworth passed council the notice below concerning disaster relief for the May 21-22 flooding.

Release Date:  June 6, 2014                                                                             Contact:  Michael Lampton
Release Number: 14-253, OH 14019/14020                                               Email:…

Levy Ordinance and Music Center Management Contract on Monday's age…

The agenda and read ahead for Monday's General session are on the City Website.  The two main items I hope you read and consider providing input on are the Ballot Ordinance for the November Income Tax Levy and the Music Center Management Contract.
Remember if you chose to speak Monday Night you have two options.  When filling out the request to speak you can chose to do it as Citizen…