Brandt Pike revitalization, Bike paths and Roundabouts

The City currently has a Request for Proposals out to companies that want to bid on helping to develop a plan for revitalizing the Brandt Pike Corridor.  The bids are due Dec 3rd so if you know of a company that does this kind of work have them look at the proposal criteria.
One idea that I heard from a resident awhile ago was to try and make the interior residential neighborhoods between Brandt Pike and Old Troy Pike more pedestrian, bike and golf cart friendly.  I think this could work nicely into a plan for bringing businesses along the interior sides of Brandt and Old Troy Pike.  I think a lot of the residents in this area would take advantage of getting to Brandt or Troy pike in a golf cart if the roads or sidewalks allowed it.  This would promote mom and pop stores, restaurants, barbershops to thrive along these roads especially if there were pedestrian / small vehicle entrances along the current backsides of these properties.    
One of the disappointments I experience as a resident of the City is that Huber Heights has chosen not to participate in the region wide network of bike paths.  I personally would be so much happier if I could ride my bike to base in relative safety.  There is a great bike path in Riverside that runs directly to the Springfield gate of WPAFB area B.  But Huber has no plan to try and tie into the vast network that is being developed around us.  We've missed an opportunity to make Taylorsville rd bike friendly as that project is nearly done.  In contrast when Chambersburg road gets expanded to Rt 4 there will be a bike path.  We have the state funding of this expansion to thank for that and I hope that for other projects in the City our new council will take the lead in making sure that bike paths are considered.  Its also a shame that the Chambersburg / Bellefontaine intersection wasn't set up as a traffic circle.
Setting up the interior of the City so that residents have a way to use small vehicles to get to businesses would work nicely to tie into a plan for the City to connect to the broader bike trail system.  Fishburg road could tie nicely into the Rip Rap road paths.  Bellefontaine could be designed to get us closer to Riverside and make it possible for those of us that work on base to get there in a healthy way.  All of which would play a key part in attracting the kinds of residents that significantly add value to the culture and economic vitality of the city.   

Do you have any other suggests for those companies that may be putting together a proposal?

City Map from Google Nov 2015 interior roads

I'd like to see it so that residents could safely use bikes and golf carts along Fishburg Longfellow, and Powell roads so that they could get to the backside of the business on Brandt Pike and Troy Pike.  This would help revitalize these areas and help reconnect the residents of this area of the city.