Ed Lyons - Thank you council for a billion dollars!

Thank you council for giving us a billion dollars, "that's billion with a b".  This was Ed Lyons showing his understanding of economic development at the announcement of "The Heights" development project just before he was elected to council. 

If Ed Lyons, Jan Vargo, Karen Kaleps or Lu Dale were capable of understanding what it takes to produce economic development they would have supported my calls for an explanation on why 201 Corridor Management LLC failed to provide the reports required in the agreement for this project.  These include:

Land Assembly Agreement(s)   (Section 5.2 )

Identification of Specific Phase(s)   (Section 6.4)

Updated Conceptual Development Plan(s)   (Section 6.4a)

Infrastructure Analysis  (Section  6.4b)

Project Budget(s) and Project Schedule(s)   (Section 6.4c)

Dates of the Meetings and Progress Reports held to date. (Section 6.6 )

None of these reports have ever been produced by the development company.  Staff can not produce any record of meetings or meeting notes or progress reports concerning this project.  Think about it........ staff can not produce any record of meetings or meeting notes or progress reports concerning this project and Ed Lyons, Jan Vargo, Karen Kaleps and Lu Dale sit mute except to chastise me for being to demanding on staff. 

Also, in the video above I present a comment from a citizen who prophetically asks council if they have done the right kind of background work to back up the projection George Jenkins makes and then Ed Lyons endorses. 

It is very educational to watch the entire video of the announcement of this project that was made just in time for the 2011 election that saw both Ed Lyons and Lu Dale elected (note they both appear in the long version of the video).  The introduction of the legislation is starts at 9 minutes 30 seconds (into the video. Waiving of the 2nd and 3rd readings takes place immediately.  Ms. Kaleps speaks at 12:35 minutes, "We can be assured that a multi-million dollars development project will go forward guided by a successful developer manager and in partnership, or tandem if you will, with the City of Huber Heights.  Both DEC, known as  201 Corridor Management LLC have a track record of proven success....."  At 21 minutes 28 seconds into the meeting this emergency legislation passed 8-0.  The special presentation where the public learns about the details of the project and our billion dollar windfall takes place after council gave it to us.