City issues or Summer Fun?

Anybody else thrilled they have tomatoes and peppers in their garden?  Marylin took me out golfing for Father’s day and it turns out I’ve developed a hook.  The parts for the go cart are in the mail.  Wouldn’t it be nice to clean the garage?  With all the summer activities it would be easy to forget your city representatives are making decisions that affect your lives.  Thankfully, we live in a country and a city where you get to provide input and guidance on those things that are important to you.
Remember, this is the most important page on the city website.  Bookmark it and look at it once a week to see what meetings are upcoming.  Keep an eye on our Council Work Sessions and City Council Meetings. 
Tonight Jun 21, 2016 we are continuing the discussion on a number of important issues. 

City Water Softening – I believe the residents of the city would save a lot of money if we decided to provide city wide water softening but this is a $12 million dollar project.  I’d like to see council place this issue on the ballot to see if all of you believe it is worth the cost.  I’m going to need your help on this because for some reason there are a couple council members that don’t believe your opinions should be taken into consideration.
Chickens - Residential Areas - Ballot Initiative  Here is an issue that is fun to talk about.  The reason this will probably go on the ballot is because there are four or five members of council that like the person that brought up the idea.
I-70 North Water Pressure Issues  -  I believe this is an economic development issue that proponents are selling as a quality of life issue.  I haven’t had much success turning the discussion that way.  The read ahead material is interesting if you want to learn about water engineering.  There is a report from 2007 and another from this year.  The Water Pressure Study Comparison Memorandum addresses the question I pose in the Purpose and Background section of the read ahead.  It provides good insight.
Public Records Security and Public Records Policy – This made the news yesterday.  There is definitely a need to make sure the public records are organized and complete.  What is concerning is how scared certain elements are of having a couple members of council look at our records.  I’d like to believe that this issue keeps coming up just to keep us distracted from looking at real issues like if we should be providing $2.4 million dollars of economic development in the form of increased water pressure when we don’t provide economic development dollars in the South side of the city.  On the other hand, it’s hard not to believe that someone might be worried that a review of the records might find something incriminating.   So even though my preference would be for these two council members to spend their time on the $2.4 million dollar and the $12 million dollar water issues, if they have the extra time to look at the records, we should be making it easy for them to do it whenever they are available.  Even if this is midnight on a Sunday morning.