Do half the job now.  Do half later.  Costs 2 times as much.  

We have a member of council that tells us "By passing legislation at last night's City Council meeting, Council moved forward to begin the process to increase and level the water pressure in Huber Heights, in the portion of the city North of Interstate 70."  During the council meeting he also told us he wanted to fix the water pressure problem for all of the city.  The first picture shows the area where he voted to "fix".  The second picture is the area he says needs to be fixed.  A person that thought about the questions below would realize that economically it makes no sense to do the projects separately. 

Where are the best places to add the reducer valves? How will a city central high pressure zone effect the current water towers in the south? Where is the best place to place the high pressure pumps for a city central high pressure zone? Will the parallel water line be needed if we go to a city central high pressure zone?

Water pressure fix council voted to start

The picture below is what is claimed to be needed.  Note: there is not an area depicted in either of these charters that falls below the typical water pressure found in American cities.  If you haven't read "If Council messes up your water pressure will you pay to fix it"  you should.  If you did not see the water pressure discussion during the last council meeting I would recommend you watch that as well.  It is 53 minutes long but you can learn a lot about how your council members think. 

City Central High Pressure Zone

Pressure legend