School Levy details discussed Thurs at Wayne - updated post meeting

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Update  (21Dec12)- also see comments after the post;

There was a big turnout at Wayne Thursday evening.  The Board chose to table the school administration's recommendation on $6.3 million of cuts.  The board chose to ask the voters to approve a 9.95 mil propery tax increase. Ms. Gunnell will respond to the State's letter by the Dec 31st deadline.  In that response she will tell the state the school administration created a plan to cut $6.3 million and the school board has tabled the proposal.  
I may add more commentary at the end but let me say it again - attending city committee meetings and school board meetings is infinitely more interesting than watching television - you should do it more often.  

From the School's website:
Tier 4 Reductions Draft

Board of Education to take action on proposed reductions and millage for levy at Board of Education Meeting, 6 p.m. Thursday, December 20, 2012 at Wayne High School Auditorium. Staff and community invited to attend.

Draft Tier 4 Reductions 12-18-2012 (PDF)

Reduction Summary (PDF)

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Board of Education Meeting (Wayne High School - Auditorium 6:00 p.m.)

It appears the Board expects a large turnout since they will be having it at the Wayne Auditorium.  Those of us that attended the latest Funding Workshop know that the agenda will include details about the next school levy they will propose.  Also on the agenda will be details about the response to a letter from the state requiring them to outline a plan to rectify budget shortfalls.  In addition to the levy,this should include what programs and staff will be cut. 

Below is the latest information I could find on the school's website.  During the last Funding Workshop the board expressed there would be additional documents posted.  A quick look today and it appears there is a revision of the Reduction_Ideas document.  I believe they have done more background work than is available on the website today.  Join me in asking them to make it available on the website.

Funding Workshop

The following suggestions have been generated by individuals attending Board Workshop Sessions, Staff Meetings, and through Community communications to the Superintendent. The purpose of the list is to generate ideas. Not all suggestions will be able to be implemented due to compliance with State and Federal laws or other limitations.

Concerns Shared (PDF)

Priorities Shared (PDF)

Reduction_Ideas_Revised (PDF)

Revenue Ideas (PDF)