Admin Committee meeting notes from Sept 4, 2013

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I requested through FOIA the financial reports that show what council used to determine if we had enough money to pay for the Aquatic Center and the Music Center.  I was given the answer to that request at the beginning of the meeting.  I posted them here.

Music Center Update:  
  • There was a discussion on the color scheme.  The project manager recommended using the color scheme that has appear in the renditions that have been shown over the last few months.  Council appears to agree.  In addition to the Music Center this color scheme should be incorporated in all the future development in "The Heights".  
  • The Dirt work is underway, the project manager is very impressed with the amount of dirt the Prime contractor is able to move.  Once they are done another company will have to be employed to pound the dirt.  One thing recently discovered is there is some dirt pretty deep that is not appropriate for accepting a foundation for a project this large. 
  •  Bids are out for the building package.  There are four companies expected to make a bid. The Project Manager indicated the bid package (specifications) is about an inch and a half wide when printed out.  Bids are due and will be opened on Sept 16th. The project manager will evaluate the bids and present a recommendation to council on the 17th.  Council will vote either on the contract or letter of intent to the winning bidder on the 25th.  
  • The prospective Prime Contractors for the building package of the project toured the PNC on the 4th. 
  • Good Sports was not mentioned at the meeting
Carriage Trails - The city will have Special Assessment and TIF authorizations on the agenda Monday

Land Re-utilization Program - there was a long discussion that wasn't well organized.  Council members asked for more time to read the available information.  Proponents should be more organized next discussion. 

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Administration Committee meeting is Wednesday.  The agenda is posted below.  There isn't much of a read ahead.  The Land Reutilization Program is an agreement between the city and the county on how to handle foreclosures.  I did find the attachment for this issue interesting.  Memorandum of Understanding between Montgomery County Land Reutilization Corporation and the City of Huber Heights.
Couple of items that caught my attention: 


This section states: "this Agreement shall serve as notice to the MCLRC of City's intent and claim to acquire all vacant parcels acquired by tax foreclosure."  then later in the DEMOLITION PROTOCOLS, bullet A tells us, "MCLRC agrees that it shall not acquire any property in the City for which the City has provided prior written notice of its interest to acquire". 

The combination of these two seems to tell us that MCLRC cannot acquire any vacant properties.  I didn't see any other place in the document that tells MCLRC how to get a waiver for acquiring vacant properties the city may decide it doesn't want to acquire.  Also, if it happens that a vacant property is an old business site that might be contaminated or need a lot of money in other types of clean-up would the city really want to acquire that property?    
In this section the MCLRC commits to keeping up the property up to the city's building and housing ordinances.  However, the city doesn't seem to have any recourse other than terminating the agreement if MCLRC fails to perform.  I think if MLCMC fails to mow the yards or board up windows, the city should be able to make the same notices, mow the yards and then assess those charges to be applied to the tax bill. 
The city is committing to do a lot of work within 5 and 30 days. 
This section also contains this sentence: "the MCLRC shall provide City the net proceeds of MCLRC sales within the City in the same percentage amount MCLRC offers any other jurisdiction in Montgomery County."  I know what they are trying to do with this sentence.  I'm not sure it succeeds.  I think it needs to say something about the "highest". 
Name of Body: Administration Committee
Date: September 4, 2013
Time: 6:00 P.M.
Place: City Hall – 6131 Taylorsville Road – 
City Council Conference Room
8.         Topics of Discussion:
          -  Music Center
          -  The Heights Development
          -  Carriage Trails
          -  Land Reutilization Program
          -  Executive Session - Personnel Matters - Employment Issues