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The agenda's for Jan 8th Public Works & Administration Committee meetings have been posted. Of interest:

All of the Administration Committee that starts at or about 6 pm will be interesting. Of course it is scheduled to start with an Executive Session.  Note my long standing contention that most of these land acquisition discussions don't meet the requirement needed for an executive session
The first item on the Public Works Committee that starts at 4:30 pm is an update on the bid process for determining which company will be chosen as the city's only Trash  collection hauler.
Here are the agenda's reproduced - again go to the city's website for updates and read ahead  
Administration Committee
Has scheduled a meeting (Jan 8th at 6:00pm) to discuss:
•           Executive Session – Acquisition or Purchase of Real Estate Property
•           Music Center
•           YMCA Agreements
•           City Marketing
•           The Heights Development/Carriage Trails
•           City Debt Issues
•           City Attorney Update Presentation
•           - Liquor Permit #65172421505 - CVS Pharmacy - 4996 Brandt Pike
•           City Manager Search
•           Staff Evaluations
Public Works Committee
Has scheduled a meeting (Jan 8th at 4:30pm) to discuss:
- Elect Chair
- Trash Hauling and Recycling RFP
- Easements and Land Deed Conveyances
- Westfield Drive Name Change
- 2013 Street Program - Solicit Bid
- 2013 Sidewalk Program - Solicit Bid
- 2013 Fire Hydrant Replacement - Solicit Bid and Award
- Chambersburg Road Storm Sewer Replacement - Solicit Bid and Award
- Old Troy Pike Phase VIII - Solicit Bid
- Heathermere Water Main Looping - Solicit Bid and Award
- Elevated Water Tower - Solicit Bid
- Sign Code Updates

Note that there is only one read ahead item for the Administration Committee meeting.  This standing committee meeting is the most important to the city yet the council and the public have to come to it unprepared.