Fire Station support - yes - but I've never supported the 2025 plan

I did a quick search of this site to see what I wrote concerning the proposed fire station / fire house:

This first post predates the 2025 plan so you can see I've always been against the promise to lock the city into just providing current levels of services.  On April 6, 2014 I wrote:

How about Police and Fire services?  Is it really realistic to ask for a levy that does no more than maintain the same as we have today?  I don't think it is realistic to believe we won't have an increase in salaries for the next ten years.  Especially, since we all know that there has to be additional fire services available for the north side of the city.  Even if we don't ask for the money to pay for those now, we should have a plan that states when we believe we will be adding that fire station, how much money it will take to run and the way we think that money will be generated.   That way if it turns out it will take an additional levy to pay for that plan, people know about it now and are not be surprised by it then.

On March 16, 2014 I wrote:

4.  If it turns out the income tax collections do contribute more than the rest of the city for police and fire services when are we going to show appreciation and start building the fire station that belongs up North? 

It wasn't until the 2025 plan in May of 2014 that the rest of Council picked up my call to build the Fire Station and then it was conditional on passing the levy.  

If I get time to do a more thorough search I'll bet I'll be able to find campaign references to the need to build as well.  I know I brought this up in committee meetings though it will take a search of the minutes to see if they actually were written down.  If you look you'll see a lot of "and then discussion took place" in the minutes.  If you search and find items prior to the 2025 plan please pass the URL to me.  

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