It is time for the City to stop paying $15,500 of DEC's profits on lot sales in Carriage Trails.

Last March I pointed out that the City was paying to supplement the building of houses in Carriage Trails and we weren't doing this in any other parts of the City.  During the discussion we had in one of the committee meetings where the developer was again asking for a supplement I asked those that thought this was a good deal for the City to show the impact on City Services and tax base so that we could be confident providing this supplement was in the best interest of the City.  It has been a year now since those proponents committed to providing that information and it has yet to be reveal.  As such I've come to the conclusion that we should not provide any more City money to this developer. 
City Council members tell us that it is a great idea to give City money away to this developer because this development has built over 450 houses in the last few years.  In the past couple months some of these same Council members have told us that South of I-70 other developers that receive no City Supplement have built 700 houses in that same time period.  This was the last bit of information I needed to convince me that it is time for the Carriage Trail developer to be weaned from City money.
Last year what I asked City Staff and the Developer to provide an analysis that documents the contribution or draw on City Services from the development.  For instance if every person that bought a house in that area was a pharmacist that worked in Huber Heights their income tax certainly would contribute more to paying for Police, Fire, road cleaning and other city services then we would be losing by paying the supplement.  On the other hand if every person that bought a house there was a Senior Citizen in retirement they probably would use much more of the City Services then they would pay in income taxes.  I asked for and was promised that I would get a break out that captured how well that development was doing on attracting a population that contributed to the City's financial well being.  That analysis never came.
Now the economy is turning the corner, I believe this developer will be able to continue to sell houses in this area without the City Supplement.
For all these reasons, I am against any further supplement to this developer. 

We will discuss the 15th amendment to the DEC Development Agreement at the Administration Committee meeting tonight.  The ask is for $341,000 to build 22 lots - a $15,500 contribution from the City toward DEC profits.