Letter to Ward 6 residents

Ward 6 Letter endorsing Richard Stan

Ward  6 endorsement letter back page

Here is the letter from the Fire Fighters Local 2926.  After the letter I put links to the interview videos so you can judge for yourselves the quality of the Ward  6 candidates.  

Outside of Fire Fighter flier
                                                                                Notice who paid for the this flier.  It wasn't the Fire Fighter Union.  Check out Mr. Lyons 2011 Campaign Finance Report.   

Fire Fighter Campaign flier

This is who they endorse:


This is the unedited version of Mr Lyons who has the support of local 2926.

Posted by Huber Heights Professional Firefighters Local 2926 on Monday, October 26, 2015

This is who you would be giving up if you followed their advice.

Mr. Stan

This is the unedited version for Mr. Stan. The original video was broken down into segments in order to clearly explain the concerns by the members of Local 2926.

Posted by Huber Heights Professional Firefighters Local 2926 on Sunday, October 25, 2015

My letter was sent to about 800 residents of Ward 6. Because of time constraints it was not sent to residents in the other Wards.  If this election is important to you make sure you talk to each other.  

I mailed out about 850 of the letters you see above.  I was hoping to get the rest out before flier signed by Local 2926 reps but paid for by the campaign committee  came out but about 400 went out after I saw the flier.  There are about 1400 people that typically vote in Ward  so pass it along to your neighbors if you support my efforts to make council more responsive to your input.  If you are in a different Ward I understand you may have also gotten a flier you and your neighbors can print and talk about the issue as well. 

Here are some other recent articles that I'm hoping prompts you to support my efforts in Council by voting for the challengers in this election:

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