Missing page that recently made the news

Below is the email message that I sent regarding the missing page that made the news yesterday.  The original email was composed by Councilmember Lyons.  There is quite a long email trail that I did not copy and paste but would be available as a public records request.  In the email below the date referenced in this sentence "Without checking the record, I believe that meeting was the May 3, 2016 work session ...." Should have been April 19th.  
From: McMasters, Tom

Sent: Friday, May 20, 2016 7:32 AM

To: Byrge, Nancy; Smith, Janell

Cc: Shaw, Richard; Starline, Tyler; Blankenship, Judy; Lyons, Ed; Campbell, Mark; Otto, Glenn; Schommer, Robert; Rodgers, Anthony; Reser, Bonnie; Schaeffer, Alan; lauren clark; darrell wacker; Will Garbe

Subject: RE: Stolen Record at City Hall


I concur with Ms Byrge and Ms Blankenship. The page that is missing is one that is widely distributed and can easily be replaced. When I spoke to Tony about this issue he did say that when the page is replace we should make an annotation stating that it is a replacement page. 

For those that are unaware, meeting minutes from 2005 until the transition to Agenda Quick can be found on the Council Overview Page. Specifically the 2008 minutes can be found here: http://hhoh.org/council/city-council-overview/2008-agendas-and-minutes.html   The meeting with the missing page in the paper record is the 11-24-2008 meeting. The missing page is page one. 
Additionally, we still have the video recording of the meeting.
I spoke with Tony to get more details about the missing page.  He is confident the page was still present when the binder was pulled out during the public meeting we had a few weeks ago.  Without checking the record I believe that meeting was the May 3, 2016 work session but it was definitely after the initial after hours review by Council Member Shaw.  Later, two members of council sat down and reviewed the binder.  At that time it was established that the page was missing.  
Even with Tony's recollection, if that page had been removed for copying on that initial after hours review, I would recommend looking in the area it was; removed, copied and among the copies as the highest likelihood of it's present position.  If the page was still present when the binder was reviewed at the public meeting, and was removed afterward without the intention of it being replaced, that is a little more concerning.  However, I don't see what that person would be hoping to accomplish other than to bring negative attention to the city.  I'm leery in spending city time investigating since I doubt we will uncover a "guilty" party.  I know someone has been trying to get the news organizations interested in covering the story because both Mr. Wacker and Ms. Clark asked me about "missing" records last week, if they believe there is news that warrants the City getting this kind of coverage again, letting them take the lead might be a more efficient way to get to the conclusion and a better use of city resources.  I will let you know that checking the fob records will show that sometime in the past 4 weeks I went into the interior area.  I did it specifically to see if the area had locked doors.  I have not had the binder in my hand. 
Going Forward:
I believe it is important that members of council can get into and review the records.  I also believe that the records need to stay complete.  I know Mr. Schommer started more than a year ago looking into revamping the records area.  I encourage his effort and expect when he has finished, it will include a secure area, a tracking system and also a means for members of council to be able to get in and review. 
Lauren and Darrell,
I know that when you asked me about there being a missing record last week I stated confidently that there wasn't.  It appears your initial information was better than what I had at the time.  

Tom McMasters
Mayor of Huber Heights

Here is the first article that came out.  

Huber Heights councilman worried city hall records ‘stolen’ 

Here is a Facebook a facebook thread discussing this article.  The first comment was at 11:18 am.

The second article has more of the tone I was hoping would be published (if the paper felt this was news worthy) 

Here is the second article:  
 Huber Heights officials to discuss missing city record

As an aside, I've been suggesting for awhile that council set up a public discussion board(I usually refer to it as a White Board) so that we can have the kind of conversation that was generated by the initial email in a public forum and the residents can see the discussion real time.