Music Center Feasibility Study

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You can now download the Music Center Validation Study Report. 

I've been campaigning for 8 months to get any of the council members to request city staff post the reports done in preparation of building the Music Center on the city's website either as news or better yet as part of a meetings agenda or minutes.  I've asked them to make the original report done by the city finance and assistance city managers that convince council members the city will be able to pay off the $18 million debt using TIF funds.  I asked them to make available all the report done using the $140,000 they called due diligence.  I've been hoping they would post the "Validation Study" to no avail. 

I finally broke down this week and requested a few of them via Freedom of Information request.  I still believe this belongs on the city's website.  Not sure why they didn't post it there.   Here is a link to the Music Center Validation Study Report.  The report is located on my site but it is the original file provided by the city in .pdf format.  

Other reports done during the due diligence period include a traffic study.  

The City website even has a page specifically to tell you about the Music Center.  This would be the perfect place to put these reports.  Instead the only thing there this morning is a link to a video and out dated information about the RFQ for the early site package.