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Notes from Public Works Dec 4, 2012 meeting

  • State Route 4 – Speed Limit Increase  -- The city is on the way to change the current speed limit in the section near I-70 from 50mph to 60mph
  • United Water – Not To Exceed Amount
  • City Water and Sewer Projects -  During discussions council mentioned there exists a chart that ranks possible city water projects.  This should be available from city staff if you ask for it.  If you get a copy I'd like to see it as well.  The main discussion was about an "issue 2" application the city will put in to help offset the cost of putting in a water main on Chambersburg rd toward rt 4.  This project would also help water customers on Adams road.  Issue 2 applications are taken in Sept.  The city previously applied for this grant 2 years ago and application was not approved.
  • Trash Hauling and Recycling RFP - The city will release the request for proposal this month so that potential trash hauling companies can bid to become the sole provider of service to residential customers.
  • Thomas Cloud Park House Usage  - City council has decided to lease the Thomas Cloud Park House to the Chamber of Commerce.  The draft lease was not available for council members to review at the meeting.  The city manager briefed the monetary rent will be $200 a month.  There is also suppose to be language in the lease that will get the renter to maintain the inside appearance, plumbing and utilities.   Additionally, the expectation is the Chamber will sublease parts of the building to the Historical Society.  The benefit to entering this lease is to get some use from a vacant building that the city has maintain since they assumed control Thomas Cloud park.  I am unaware of documentation of efforts to get solicitations from other possible tenants.  This lease is not yet authorized if you have other suggestions for use I suggest making them in the Dec 10th council meeting.  
  • Huber Centre – Code Enforcement Issues - I didn't realize the Historical Society had an area in this building. 
  • Food Truck Zoning - These have been discussions on how the city should regulate food trucks that park in parking lots and sell food items; for instance a BBQ truck in a shopping center.  The council has asked city staff to come up with proposals for regulating.  The longest discuss included requiring the owner of the parking lot to contribute to the application process.  
  • Thomas Cloud Park Planning/City Park Use and Site Planning - The city plans to meet with the current users of Thomas Cloud park this upcoming week.  The discussion is to talk about moving fields around and also the construction of additional buildings and facilities.  The invitees included Brick City, Youth Soccer, girls soccer, football.  If you know of another organization that feels like they can contribute they will have to try and self invite.  Call Mr. Borland if you are in this situation.