Parks and Recreation Master Plan Proposals

There are a number of possibilities for good discussion at Tuesday's Work Session.  

There is the 19th Amendment to the Carriage Trails Development Agreement.  I see the calculations of the projected split of TIF revenue the contract formula suggests might be expected were not provided in the read ahead.  These calculations are important in helping to frame how much of a supplement the city will supply this year.  

There is the Fishburg Road Roadway Realignment Project.  I believe this is the same project we planned to do last year but postponed to this year. Wish the information and pictures provided then were in this read ahead but I do not seen them.  Also, I wonder if this project could include the first part of a bike path for this stretch of Fishburg.  Remember we had planned to pay for this entire project and it turns out about half will be paid for through the State so this might be a good test whether we are serious about going forward.     

The read ahead on the Parks and Recreation Master Plan did not contain the bid submissions so I provide them here.  
Hunden Bid for Huber Heights Parks and Recreation Master PlanPro Consulting Bid for Huber Heights Parks and Recreation Master Plan