Post Committee meeting notes Mar 20, 2013

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Here are the meeting agenda's and links to the read aheads.  I've added some post meeting notes.    In last weeks Council meeting there was a presentation on the music center.  You can watch the video recording of the meeting

1   Name of Body:              Administration Committee
2   Date:                           March 20, 2013
3.  Time:                           6:00 PM
4. Place:                           City Hall – 6131 Taylorsville Road – City Council Conference Room
7.                                              Approval of Minutes:
                                                 - March 5, 2013
8.                                              Topics of Discussion:
                                               - Liability Insurance Renewal
                                                 - Music Center     
 I've broken out some of the Mar 14, 2013 Music Center presentation into easy viewing 
Meeting notes: 
The City is hiring Ken Conaway LLC as the project manager for the Music Center.  The contract with Ken Conaway LLC is to provide up to 40 hours a week in project management services and additional time for an assistant. This business was created by Mr. Conaway.  Mr. Conaway has worked with city council previously.  He managed the construction of the Aquatic Center as an employee of 201 LLC.  Mr. Conaway is also the owner of Dry Run LLC.   The city just extended the $90,000 a year no bid contract they awarded to Dry Run LLC.  This contract allows Dry Run LLC to manage the $65,000 of man hours the YMCA contributes to maintaining the landscaping around the Recreation Center in addition to the contracted award price.  Mr. Conaway also speaks at council meetings as a representative of the Carriage Trails Developer and appears to still maintain an active role managing that effort.    

The Music Center Project manager, Mr. Conaway, talked about the dynamics of the three main development companies that will be involved in the project: GBBN, MKSK and ME.  Those dynamics are still being worked out.  He also indicate prep work such as environmental studies will begin soon.

A draft budget for the Music Center project was available to council members at the meeting.  This document was not handed out or in the read ahead.  I'm guessing it won't be in the minutes either.  There was no meaningful discussion on the budget.
                                                 - GoodSports Economic Development Agreement
City staff is in constant contact with GoodSports.  Representatives of this company are suppose to travel to Huber next week to look at the site and meet with city staff.  Expectation is this company will try to build at about the same aggressive schedule as the city.  This is expected to result in better better deals for construction services.  The company has also indicated they are talking with other associates about also bringing their businesses to the city. 
                                                 - The Heights Development/Carriage Trails
The builders seem to be having success in selling high value houses, $300,000 to $450,000.
                                                 - Issuance of Notes/Bonds
The city expects to borrow the first 1/4 of the $18 million needed for the Music Center project in the very near future. 

The city is still carrying all the Aquatic Center debt as 1 or 2 year notes.  Short term interest rates on notes are currently about 1%.   If current short and long term interest rates remain at these levels for two more years the city will save a lot of money in interest payments.  The risk is if long term interest rates go up before the city converts the notes to bonds then interest payments could be oppressive. 
                                               - Board and Commission Appointments
                                                 - City Table of Organization
                                                 - Executive Session - Purchase or Acquisition of Real Estate Property
1.  Name of Body:              Public Works Committee
2.  Date:                           March 20, 2013
3.  Time:                           4:30 PM
4.  Place:                          City Hall – 6131 Taylorsville Road –
City Council Conference Room
7.                                              Approval of Minutes:
                                                 - March 5, 2013
8.                                              Topics of Discussion:
                                               - ED/GE Grant Application - K.E. Rose
                                               - Shearer Cemetery Restoration Project
                                               - Front End Loader Purchase - Public Works Division
                                               - Disposal of Surplus Property - Public Works Division
                                               - Playground Equipment - Thomas Cloud Park
                                               - 2013 Sidewalk Program and Concrete Portion of Street Program - Award Contract
                                               - Preliminary Consent Legislation - State Route 4 - Bridge and Deck Repairs
                                               - Electric Generation Supply Contract Renewal - MVCC
                                               - Republic Trash Hauling Contract
The city attorney prepared a draft contract and submitted it to Republic for review.  That contract should be available in the read ahead for Mondays council meeting.  The legislation may only get one reading.  However, it cannot go into effect for 30 days.  This gives the public an opportunity to challenge the legislation if they desire.
9.                                              Recommendations / Actions:
10.                                             Adjournment: