Should Thomas Cloud be baseball only?

There are those that hope to claim Huber Heights Thomas Cloud park as a Baseball facility.  Currently the park is used for multiple sports, including baseball.  Soccer is the biggest and most successful user of the park.  Our two major soccer organizations work together as well as two organizations competing for talent can.  One of these organizations puts on two nationally recognized tournaments a year drawing hundreds of thousands of dollars to the area.

On the other hand our two baseball organizations constantly sue each other and have generally destroyed baseball in the city.  The claim is if the City allows baseball to take over Thomas Cloud this will make it so we will be able to hold baseball tournaments. 

Monday council is planning on commit to "upgrading" baseball field one.  This is the second step from those hoping to push out the other sports.  Step one was moving the $300,000+ concession stand to its current location.  Remember in that discussion Mr. Lyons kept telling residents that the Baseball sponsors would pay for the entire amount over what the city collected in insurance.  Then the city ended up paying over $80,000 of the cost.  

This video is an excerpt of  the relevant part of the discussion from the work session starting at minute 109:45  Use the link below to see the full discussion. 

You can see the entire discussion starting at:  32:30

Here is the link to Monday's agenda item: