Trash Hauling update - Jun 24th Council Meeting

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The agenda and read ahead for the Jun 24th council meeting is available:  The meeting contained an update to the Trash Hauling implementation.   If you missed it you can watch the video available on the city's website.  Trash hauling presentation starts about 4 minutes into the video.  See what day your trash is being picked up.  Section 1 is Monday, 2 is Tuesday etc. 

Recycling is cost included, in the presentation we heard that Republic delivered recycle bins to all the homes and they know of 1500 that need to be picked back up by the company.  Also, if you want to rent a bin for regular trash it cost $1.77 a month.   

The video contains a citizen comment concerning the noise at the amphitheater (starts about 18 minutes into the video).  In this case the city put on a running event and started to broadcast over the loudspeaker at 6:50 am on a Saturday and kept broadcasting until after 11:00am.  He also talked about kids staying in the pool until 9:45pm on Sunday even though the pool is scheduled to close at 8:00pm. 

Below are some notes I took from the June 18, Public Works and Administration Committee meetings.
Citrus Circle Residents' Concerns Regarding Aquatic Center/ Amphitheatre Tuesday @ Public Wks mtg

Public Works Committee
Has scheduled a
meeting (Tuesday 4:30 at City Hall 6131 Taylorsville Rd.) to discuss:
  • 2013 Sidewalk Program Assessments - The interesting part of this - the city published the amount owed by each of the residents whose sidewalk was repaired by the city.  This can be found within the Public Works agenda page and is in this .pdf file also found on the city website.   
  • Food Truck and Mobile Food Vendor Zoning - The agenda item states this is the beginning of the process.  This contention seemed peculiar to me since they have been dealing with it for about a year. 
  • Camp Fire USA Property - The city owns the property (4301 Powell Rd, Huber Heights, OH 45424) that the Huber Heights section of Camp Fire has been using.  Camp Fire can no longer afford to conduct their services and will be returning the building to the city.  Because of the grants used to purchase the building the city is restricted on how it can be used.  At this time the city is looking for another public service group that qualifies to occupy the facility.   
  • Citrus Circle Residents' Concerns Regarding Aquatic Center/ Amphitheatre - Discussion was about some of the ways the city plans on reducing the noise to affected neighbors.  The discussion concentrated on new planting of trees.  Also, the city plans on having the acoustic engineer for the Music Center give advise on the Amphitheatre.
  • Obstructions – Right-Of-Ways - This discussion concentrated mostly on basketball hoops in the right of way of the streets.  Council directed staff to look into constructing a regulation with more teeth in order to make sure these are eliminated in neighborhoods.  In that same instruction to staff they told them to draft it so that all playing in the street would be against the law.   
Administration Committee
Has scheduled a
meeting (Tuesday 6:00pm City Hall 6131 Taylorsville Rd) to discuss:
  • Music Center
  • The Heights Development
  • Carriage Trails
  • Repeal of Ordinance No. 2006-O-1617
  • Huber Heights Schools Cooperative Agreements
  • SIB Loans
  • Plattenburg & Associates Not To Exceed Amount
  • Liquor Permit #40464740160 – Ray’s Drive Thru – 5229 Taylorsville Road
  • Board and Commission Appointments
  • Executive Session – Pending Litigation
The read aheads were not yet available on the city website  as of 12 Jun 2013.  Typically these are posted Thursday, Friday or Monday.