Tuesday agenda's  Music Center, Debt Financing, $9,450 Marketing Video

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Update to time lapse video.  At the Oct 22, 2013 administration committee meeting we learned that the contract for the construction project contained money for site pictures and security video.  The city has chosen to combine these funds with the time lapse funds.  This will allow them to do the time lapse, security and site pictures all through the same vendor.  With all these combined the city will also get a continual web cam feed so people can go on the internet and see the current state of construction.  The overall cost of this will be higher than the $9450 but not more than the combination of the three.  The assistant city manager did not state what the total cost will be and none of the council members asked during the meeting.  

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From the city's web page you can see it here http://www.hhoh.org/for-residents/music-center.html 

This is a still photo that shows that it worked this morning, 5 Dec 2013. 

This link may take you there directly, though I'm having network problems and can't confirm this.


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The agenda's and read ahead for Tuesday (Oct 8, 2013) committee meetings are available on the city's website.  Items of interest include discuss of the need for a (nuisance) false alarm ordinance during Monday's (yesterday) Public Service meeting.  A ten year property tax exemption for a company in the Community Reinvestment Area (CRA), the results on how the city has decided to address basketball in the streets, an eminent domain appropriation, and a discussion about the construction of the concession stand at Thomas Cloud Park all during the Public Works meeting Tuesday.  The Administration Committee meeting that follows does not have read aheads for the Music Center, The Heights or the Carriage Trails agenda items.  But we do see that the city expects to convert $8 million of notes into Bonds, there is a proposal for a $9,450 time lapse video of the construction of the Music Center and we can look at some proposed documentation on a program designed to speed up foreclosures.  
Agenda Item Description or Legislation Title
-  Issuance of Notes/Bonds
Purpose and Background
The City has notes coming due on Nov 9, 2013.  The notes will need to renewed and rolled over for an additional period of time as notes or taken long as bonds.  $8.050 million in notes were issued to fund the construction of the aquatic center.  Construction is now complete and the City can take out this portion of the notes into long-term bonds.  The City will use a limited pledge of income tax revenue to receive a more favorable rate, but use TIF revenue to actually pay the debt service.  The remaining notes are being used for two purposes - the new music center and the ongoing Infrastructure costs at Carriage Trails.  It is recommended that these notes be rolled over for an additional year since construction is ongoing.  Additionally, there will be a new money piece of $5.025 million in notes related to the ongoing construction of the music center.  This is consistent with the plan to issue notes or loans to generate proceeds of $18 million as needed to fund construction costs for the project.
Administration Committee Agenda
Name of Body:
Administration Committee
October 8, 2013
6:00 P.M.
City Hall – 6131 Taylorsville Road – 
City Council Conference Room
Topics of Discussion:
 -  City Marketing
 -  Employee Personnel Manual
-  Music Center
-  The Heights Development
-  Carriage Trails
 -  Issuance of Notes/Bonds  
-  Land Reutilization Program
                                 Public Works Committee
Date:  October 8, 2013 
Time:  4:30 P.M. 
Place:  City Hall – 6131 Taylorsville Road – 
City Council Conference Room
8.                     Topics of Discussion:
                        -  Enman Tool & Die - Community Reinvestment Area and ED/GE Grant

                        -  Obstructions - Right-Of-Ways
                        -  Sidewalk and Interior Streets Program - Notification To Property Owners
                        -  Right-Of-Way Appropriation - Chambersburg Road/Bellefontaine Road
                        -  Brandt Pike/Shull Road Pump Station Repair
                        -  Concession Stand - Thomas Cloud Park