The pictures make it obvious a no bid contract for the new Fire House is wrong. - Part 2

Sometimes when you know something is wrong you have to take actions that are painful.  I fully expect that these pictures of Mr. Campbell and Mr. Conaway will get distributed over and over again this election cycle.  I should not feel bad about spreading them myself, but I do.  However, it's incredible that Councilman Ed Lyons and Councilwomen Jan Vargo and Lu Dale don't realize that incidents like the one in the picture below demand that we as a council make sure the public knows City business is done on the up and up.  How can any government official not realize that you can't responsibly award Conaway LLC a no bid contract to manage the building of the new Fire House? 

Campbell Conaway vacation at Disney 2014

Yet last committee meeting Jan Vargo, Lu Dale and Ed Lyons committed to recommending the no bid contract during the upcoming June 8th City Council meeting this Monday night.  Karen Kaleps made that same commitment back in December when these first became public and a check of the record shows that Ms Dudley and Ms Blankenship had no objections. 
I feel obligated to try one more time at preventing Council from making us the laughing stock of the Miami Valley.   So I've written this article and I come to you to make sure you are aware of your council's actions and give you the opportunity to talk / email your council member before the contract is awarded Monday night Jun 8th, 2015.  
If you believe it is wrong to offer a no bid contract to Conaway LLC please  contact your council member:
Do it before Monday's Council meeting - help make a difference!

Campbell Conaway Disney 2014

Yes, it is absolutely true that it is not illegal for friends to vacation together and the owner of Conaway LLC, just like any other citizen, can make donations to a PAC that then turns around and gives the same donation  to his friend's re-election campaign.  But I believe that if these things happen, the rest of council needs to look at the entire City relationship with this business and make sure we are doing everything to protect the best interest of our residents.
Monday we also learned that doing a cost comparison of Conaway LLC's services with other companies providing the same services is not possible because when Huber Heights decided to go this route for the Music Center we were a pioneer in separating these services from how they are normally provided.  As a private citizen, I suggested that instead of hiring Conaway LLC to manage the music center, Council directly hire a qualified engineer.  Over a 16 month period this option would have cost the city around $180,000.  Instead, Council chose to go with a no bid contract to Conaway LLC that committed us to pay more than $420,000.
Many of these council members try to justify this decision using statements such as but it was nice using him because the Aquatic Center and Music Center stayed in budget.  I understand they keep saying this hoping that people will believe it.  On the other hand most of the city realizes we spent $10 million dollars buying a $6 million aquatic center.  When the budget was revealed for the Music Center, I for one thought they had gotten smart and picked $18 million dollars for the budget because they figured they would definitely come in below $16 million and then be able to claim a $2 million savings.  Instead, the cost went to $19.3 million.
Whether your particular council member knows what he is saying is deceptive or she just doesn't realize we overspent on the aquatic center by $4 million dollars is relevant because the ones with a dedication to the city may one day be convinced to make better choices.  I believe there are those people still on council.  I've tried logic. I've tried patience.  I even try shaming. 
Today, I'm hoping you, their friends, neighbors, voters approach them and let them know you understand what is right and hope they will make that choice.          
Thank you for you reaching out.
Tom McMasters, Mayor of Huber Heights 
                                           (937) 985-6275

Please read Fire House Contract Part 1 if you haven't already.