Ebola will give science a bad name

My apologies this really belongs on tfmsview.com but I haven't written there for awhile and I wanted to get my thoughts out quick.

While listening to Meet the Press this morning a CDC representative kept saying things like the science tells us that you can't get Ebola from a person that doesn't have symptoms and you can't get Ebola if you don't come in contact with a person's bodily fluids.  Yet we know that two healthcare works from the first Ebola patient diagnosed in America ended up with the virus.  

The statements that imply that we have a full and infallible scientific understanding of Ebola are idiotic.   No scientist or any person with an understanding of science would ever make such a statement. 
This week the message we hear from these guys is that there is no possibility that anyone at the bowling alley or subway or his girlfriend could get this virus because the science tells us that his self monitoring made sure there was no chance of spreading the virus.
Every scientist realizes that there is a possibility that perhaps they may not have a full understanding of what they are studying.  It will be a shame if the public starts to distrust real scientist because these non-scientist incorrectly stated the science tells us we are in control.