Good is a matter of perspective

Below you will find two emails that point to a very trying episode during my time as Mayor.  Recently, I allowed myself to go through that emotional time again and initially intended to use these emails in a series of articles hoping to get individuals to correct fake news they continue to spread.  Then I thought they would be useful in an article that I hope will finally cause the leaders of this city to embrace those actions that promote transparency.  I believe if we can get these officials to finally embracing transparency it could mend their reputation as doing things only when it benefits them “politically”.
Though I have yet to write those articles, I decided to post these emails today because of comments I have read about the Charter Amendment dealing with the residency requirement for the City Manager.  Some of those comments make it seem like people would be voting to remove the residency requirement because they think the current City Manager is honest and forthright.  I do not know that man.
The man I know is the man that was the first person to sign the complaint below and the person who writes the evaluations and recommends the salaries of the other people that signed.  He is the person that behind closed doors and under the cover of Executive Session, was a full participant in trumping up the wild accusations which prompted me to write and send the two emails that follow the complaint.   Everything he has done in the two and a half years since indicate this is just another tool in his repertoire he is willing to use whenever it suites him politically.   

Staff Complaint against the Mayor  Oct 2009

Email to staff after they make child endangerment charges

I sent this email to the Courier and DDN because I was sincere about being willing to put my family's welfare first. 

 Letter to the Courier and DDN