I'm always looking for your input to help me improve the discussion

 This week I've been following comments to a DDN article about the construction of the Fire Station.  It would be more beneficial to me if more of these discussions helped me do my job. For instance if you fast forward to 1:25:10 of the administration committee video you will see that I asserted that we had not passed a budget for the Fire Station. This is wrong. We passed a budget on Sept 14, 2015. Looking at that budget we see that the $2.9 million did include the purchase of the land.          http://agendaquick.hhoh.org:8081/…/3253_2015-O-2179.pdf 

Therefore, the statement made by the City Manager at 1:15:25 minutes of the video that they "Doubled up on the land Purchase" was not accurate and the assertion he makes at 1:21:00 that we could just remove the land cost is not correct. 

My mistake is concerning because this puts the issue Tyler and I were initially concerned about back on the table. 

Back to the opening sentence. If I could convince the people that post on Facebook to start out with a desire to follow the important issues it is possible that someone would have caught my error and brought it to my attention a lot sooner than Friday night. Hopefully, not having this knowledge on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday didn't result in the city making a mistake with the general contract. 

Now to the point of this post. I'm going to make mistakes especially in an environment that includes people not willing to call deficit spending, deficit spending but instead trying to tell us its "using carry over funds" and in an environment with people that are willing to try and sell the idea that they "double counted" the purchase price of the property instead of admitting the budget needs to be $3.1 million instead of the $2.9 million approved by ordinance. I know a lot of people spend their time looking for mistakes.If that is you, how about spending that time fact checking my work and providing me feedback that might be able to benefit city?