Should Brandt Pike be reduced to a two lane road?

The Brandt Pike Revitalization project is being documented on 

On November 17, 2016 there was a role-up briefing given.  You can find the Power Point Slides here.  I found the slides to be very useful in creating ideas.  I obviously will be advocating that the next time a brief like this is given that a video to be made so those that do not get to go to the original meeting have an opportunity to see the presentation.  

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The other night Council Member Smith mentioned that as part of raising the speed limit to 35 mph on Carriage Trails Blvd a resident suggested reducing the number of lanes to one in each direction and using the right most lane as a dedicated bike lane.  It is ironic that Monday I thought this was a great idea for Carriage Trails Blvd but tonight when I heard a similar suggestion for Brandt Pike I wasn't as keen on the idea for this road.

There are opportunities for you to participate this Wednesday and Thursday (Nov 16th and 17th).  I think if you participate in the community workshops you may be able to influence the process in a meaningful way.  

Brandt Pike Revitalization Community Workshop