Good converversation with Mr. Campbell

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After the Council meeting this evening Council Member Campbell and I had a conversation that lasted until midnight.  That conversation contained about the best news that I could have heard.  Checking the Upcoming Candidate list on the Montgomery County website and seeing who has filed for council seats it may turn out Mr. Campbell will be unopposed this upcoming election.

I am looking forward to contested races in all the other seats so that the candidates can be prompted into going on the record whether they support fiscally responsible spending and transparency in City Government.  I think our best chance for getting anything positive done in the city this year would be if Mr. Campbell did not have a challenger. 
The council meeting tonight provided a good example for candidates of contested races to go on the record for or against transparency in government.
Tonight, council voted to put an amendment to the Charter that if passed would take away resident’s ability to repeal a council resolution through the referendum process.  In addition, council has already begun the same deceptive techniques that got “the one and done” amendment passed last election.  They purposely proposed misleading wording in the ballot language and they (specifically Mr. Shaw and Ms. Byrge) intend to pretend that city officials are unanimous in their support of the change[1].  I am looking forward to candidates for office to show their leadership potential by weighing in on the amendment and the campaign to get it passed. 
I want to write a paragraph here about Mr. Campbell joining the rest of council tonight in passing the solicitation ordinance that makes it a crime for your kids to ask the neighbor to shovel their driveway if the parent has not gone and applied for a license first.  If you don’t know what I am refereeing to then you should watch the discussion on the solicitation legislation that passed.  You will see that a result of that law is that if a kid goes across the street and offers to shovel his neighbor’s driveway for a fee without first going to city hall and getting a license, then that kid will be guilty of a misdemeanor.  Then council goes on record and tells us their solution to this predicament is that we are just not going to enforce the law.  Anyway it is getting late and it would take me too long to write out how Mr. Campbell not being opposed would make it more likely that he would help add some sense to the discussion, but I believe this is possible and hopefully likely.  

[1] I must acknowledge that Mr. Otto did vote no on the amendments.  I will be interested in seeing his social media comments on this subject.