How about a Music Store in Huber?

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Friday while my kids and I were out buying a uculele I was bouncing a Music Store idea off my kids.  This morning I was reading the online addition to the DDN and see that Hauer Music is moving all the way down to Washington Township making a Huber Music store even more viable. 
This will be a quick post since I really have a lot of things I want to write and chores I need to do.  For instance Councilmember Tyler Starline has started a thread on his Facebook page about Huber Residents comments and concerns about empty storefronts.  I have a lengthy article to address Tyler's thoughts that will take me at least 3 hours to write if I did it correctly (I'll post my comments here.  You'll probably see the 20 minute version first).  The agenda is out for Monday's Council meeting and not only do I want to point out that the City Manager has resigned I also wanted to write about what the City Charter says about Emergency Legislation.  Going beyond my own ideas I heard a couple of suggestions from people on the campaign trail that I wanted to express, for instance trying to either develop one of our existing or lure another daycare center that specifically caters to those parents that want their pre-schooler to learn during the day.  I think that if the city got the reputation as a place to live because of the available pre-schools this would go a long way in attracting more high achievers to the city.  Also, I want to write an article titled "Save Social Security, raise the minimum wage to $22 an hour".  The title should surprise most of the people familiar with my other articles that show that the current minimum wage (and all proposals to raise it to $10 or less) is really a piece of legislation that does little more than protect Wal-Mart and McDonald's from small business competition.  I'll stop listing to do list items now and get back to the quick and dirty about a Huber Music store.
First, why is it a good idea?  It is a good idea because it fits the Music Center theme combined with just three stores close, Absolute Music, Hauer and BHA piano, that provide dedicated instrument service.  Hauer is moving and BHA is not that close for lessons nor do they have any other instruments than piano.  I like Absolute Music.  A Huber Music store would be a competitor.  The number of instruments I envision for the Huber Store would be slightly larger.  The biggest difference is my desire to make the store more of a playing / practicing venue.  I would love to compute the numbers to see if it were possible to set up many practice rooms, small stages, recording devices where individuals could cheaply rent areas and instruments so that they could conduct individual lessons, individual practices and band practices.  Additionally, it would be  cool that if that band or individual could record professional sounding CD's and even more cool if there was a performance area so that up and coming bands could move out of the practice area onto a stage for either friends or the general public.   
Think I'll stop here.  Except to say that for once my older kids actually thought I had a good idea.  Is it such a good idea that I would convert some of the time I've allocated for  trying to figure out how to get elected to Congress in order to develop a business plan and then evaluate that business plan?  Maybe, if the kids thought it was such a good idea they actually started to do some of the legwork.