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I think it is because I was a test pilot for the X-45 and a safety officer for Global Hawk and Predator and I've also belong to a model aircraft club that I have a different idea of UAV than what we see in the news.  Most of the drones we see in the news are really just more sophisticated model airplanes and we would be a lot safer if people realized this and operated them as if they thought of them as model airplanes.  With that mindset I think it is easier to realize that if one of these airplanes were to crash into a car driving down the road or to fall out of the sky and hit someone in the head then someone would be hurt and might be killed.  Having one of these drones run into an airplane would be bad but it is more likely we will see people hurt on the ground if those of us that like to play with them aren't responsible to keep control of them.  Keep in mind though that having one of these model aircraft and flying them can be a lot of fun and a great learning experience.

I've reproduced a more official notice below: 

This year sales of model aircraft (aka drones) is expected to approach 700,000".  The Consumer Electronics Association believes 2015 will be a defining year for the drone, with sales expecting to approach 700,000 for the year. The industry must be selling all of those drones as Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) statistics show a surge in “close call with drone” reports by pilots of manned aircraft: nearly 700 incidents so far this year, roughly triple the total number recorded for all of 2014. Many of these can be expected to be given as gifts this holiday season.  Before you or your children operate these aircraft, make sure you understand the rules and know how to operate them safely.  The flier below provides more information.

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