Victoria's Italian Cuisine marches with JROTC

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Update --- The Ch 7 story is scheduled to play at 11:00pm Tonight Sunday Jan 20th 2013

I just got a call from Mindy Proctor and she told me Victoria's Italian Cuisine has committed to donate 10% of their Sunday proceeds in order to make sure Wayne High School students have the opportunity to participate in JROTC.  The restaurant plans to continue this program until the newly formed foundation raises enough money to keep JROTC. To kick off the program and to show your appreciation I encourage supporters of the JROTC to join some of the cadets for a big showing tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon.  I called the Victoria's to confirm and was told Ch 7 will be present about 2pm to cover the story.  We want to make sure WHIO will be able to show the Miami Valley that Huber Heights residents are problem solvers who will ensure a strong school system for our children and the children of those that move here, so be at the restaurant about 1:30.
Huber Heights citizens have come together to ensure the continuation of Junior ROTC at Wayne High School by forming a foundation capable of raising the funds needed for a successful program.  When the school board made the decision to implement the tier 4 reductions this left the JROTC program in need of $145,000.  Because ROTC is an academic course current state law prevents the school board from offering to continue the program through student participation fees. 
On Jan 15th, parents of former, current and prospective JROTC students met and decided to form a foundation to raise and then donate the money to the Huber Heights School system.  The parent group is still in the process of formalizing the by laws, officers and board members but has just received their first commitment from a local business supporter.   Please join us on Sundays at:
Victoria's Italian Cuisine
5570 Merily Way,
Huber Heights, OH 45424
937 233-1749


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