Yes, it looks like I will be Mayor

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From the Montgomery County Board of Election Website.  The Election Results show that Mark Campbell was re-elected Large, Tom McMasters was elected Mayor and the School Levy did not pass.   In Miami County the Mayoral race was 91 McMasters  69 Fisher,  for Council at Large 80 Hamilton, Campbell 66.  See the full Miami County results.

Though is a website I've set up to talk about local politics and community, I generally don't talk specifically about my campaign here.  These past couple days the site is getting a lot of hits from people looking for my campaign site.  You can find that at  However, if you really want to get to know my personality, spend an hour on this site.  

Election day is Tuesday, November 5th.  Polls are open on Election Day from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

This election Huber Heights has two contested races;  Mayor and Council at Large.   There is also a Huber Heights City school levy on the ballot in Montgomery County.  There are Bethel Twp, Pleasant Hill/ Newton Twp Fire,Troy-Miami Library, and Forest Hill Cemetery Levies in Miami County.  Hope I got them all but I only looked up a couple of addresses of friends of mine.  Check your own using the Cox Media group voters guide that contains information on all the Huber Heights candidates and levies.  Note:  If you use the online Cox Voters guide don't click on the article links.  This takes you out of the guide into the newspaper and you'll lose all the good features of the guide. 

Find your polling place by going to the Montgomery County Board of Elections Polling Location Finder.  Both Miami County and Montgomery County voters can use Ohio's Polling Location finder

The good part about Wednesday is that I'll have time to write again.

Last week I was sent the 2003 Ordinance that set up the original Montgomery County TIF district.  This is a 30 year TIF and the Huber Heights City Schools only get 25% of what they normally would get.  But the language in this ordinance is very confusing.   In fact, Montgomery County distributed the money wrong at first and the school was on the short end of the audit and ended up having to give the city $283,000 because of Montgomery County's mistake.  I suspect this is one of the reasons the school district doesn't challenge the city more vigorously when they set up TIF districts. 
I also received the 2005 Ordinance that set up the Miami County (Carriage Trails) TIF.  Here the Bethel Schools receive all (100%) of what they normally would get.
The recent Alcore, Family Dollar and Trimble TIF ordinances are online at the city's website.  The Bethel and Huber Heights City Schools only get 30% of what they normally would get in each of these. 
Can't wait to write more later in the week.