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News: Councilman Otto investigation

During Monday night's council meeting there was a 40-minute discussion[1] by council to decide if they want to spend money and hire a lawyer to investigate whether they want to try and invoke Section 13.08 (2)[2] of the Charter where is says an official can be removed from office for “Intentional violation of the prohibitions set forth in Section 4.06 of this Charter”.

This is how Section 4.06

News: Could this illegal flyer get me to vote for Otto?

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A lot of you may have already seen Facebook discussions about this Flyer.  Those discussions are not very useful or productive when it comes to helping you decide who would be the better council member.  But its existence prompted
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News: Should Glenn Otto be removed from Office

Should Glenn Otto be removed from Office for writing this Email?

Good afternoon Don,

I wanted to reach out to you concerning the “yard issue” at 7019 Shull Rd.

I have spoken with Mrs. Lisse and gone to the property to review the situation. Mrs. Li

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