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Download: Music Center and Aquatic Center financing projection

8th September 2013

…able to pay off about $9,200,000.  If the city got an interest rate of 3% in June then this $560,000 a year would be able to pay off about $9,000,000.  If they got an interest rate of 3.5% then they would be able to pay off about $8,600,000.  If they did not refinance into long term bonds it is likely they will end up with an interest rate between 5% and 7% which me…

News: School Board Funding Workshop Sat Dec 8, 2012 at Studebaker.

The school board and administration have been holding meetings trying to figure out what to do about the school budget shortfall.  This is another event.  It looks like we will find out structure and agenda items when we get there.  Below is the meeting notice copied from the City Schools website.  Again, it wasn't easy to find and does not appear on the calendar or upcoming events. 

Funding Workshop…

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