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Download: The Heights - 201/202 CORRIDOR DEVELOPMENT AGREEMENT

25th November 2012
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… Early Termination of Agreement Unless otherwise extended by the written agreement of the Parties this Agreement shall be terminable by City upon the occurrence of any of the following events and Developer s failure to cure within sixty days after written notice of termination by City Execution of Land Assembly Agreement The Parties after hav…

News: Trash Hauling Presentation at Monday's Council Meeting -  Jun 10th

July 1st all the single family residents in Huber Heights will be required to use Republic Waste Services as their garbage collector.  One of the first agenda items (last) Monday will be was a presentation to provide information on the transition.  I watched the first portion live via the city's website.  For some reason there was a lot of buffering this past week.   If you miss it Monday you…

News: Music Center no bid and trash hauling Contracts available for review.

Tonight City Council will approve two contracts during the Council Meeting.

The no bid / no solicitation contract between the city and Ken Conaway LLC is available as a read ahead.  The fees involve include a .95% Project Management Fee (expected to total .0095 * $16,500,000 = $156,750) plus a Project Service Fee of $16,466.67 a month in order to gain rights to Mr. Conaway's time for at least…

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