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Download: The Heights - 201/202 CORRIDOR DEVELOPMENT AGREEMENT

25th November 2012
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…mprovements related to the provision of those services except as otherwise provided herein Insurance and Bonds Insurance and bonds shall be provided by Developer or its contractors and subcontractors during the course of development of the Commercial Project only if and as otherwise required by the City Codified Ordinances and other applicable development regulations Compliance with Laws In connection with the construc…

News: Post Committee meeting notes Mar 20, 2013

Here are the meeting agenda's and links to the read aheads.  I've added some post meeting notes.    In last weeks Council meeting there was a presentation on the music center.  You can watch the video recording of the meeting

1   Name of Body:              Administration Committee
2   Date:                           March 20, 2013
3.  Time:                           6:00 PM
4. Place:

News: Music Center no bid and trash hauling Contracts available for review.

Tonight City Council will approve two contracts during the Council Meeting.

The no bid / no solicitation contract between the city and Ken Conaway LLC is available as a read ahead.  The fees involve include a .95% Project Management Fee (expected to total .0095 * $16,500,000 = $156,750) plus a Project Service Fee of $16,466.67 a month in order to gain rights to Mr. Conaway's time for at least…

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