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Download: Single Hauler Trash Collection Bid responses Feb 2013

20th February 2013

…e added for each year the numbers will have to be checked for each of the options.
Interesting to note that the WM and Republic proposal let the non-senior citizens know how much a 10% senior citizen discount costs them.  Well the Republic proposal does with the same caveat as earlier ( its $.11 a month more expensive the first year).   The WM doesn't appear to make sense  In the WM proposal the first year it …

News: Music Center Cost Analysis

The first analysis of the costs associated with the Music Center Management Agreement can be found in the issues section "The Heights and the Music Center".  My initial calculations using the least costly way to manage the project would have saved the city more than $120,000 per year of the projected $315,000 per year management cost. 


When council announced…

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