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Download: Huber Heights Trash Feasibility Study October 11, 2012

8th March 2013

…; Good work.   

You may be interested in reading the trash hauling comments log found elsewhere on this site.

Here is the proposed   Trash Collection contract between the City and Republic (Dempsey) as found i…

News: Music Center no bid and trash hauling Contracts available for review.

Tonight City Council will approve two contracts during the Council Meeting.

The no bid / no solicitation contract between the city and Ken Conaway LLC is available as a read ahead.  The fees involve include a .95% Project Management Fee (expected to total .0095 * $16,500,000 = $156,750) plus a Project Service Fee of $16,466.67 a month in order to gain rights to Mr. Conaway's time for at least…

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