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Council can increase police manning even if you vote No on Issue 25

Earlier today I posted

If elected Ward 6 Representative Tom McMasters will vote to increase Police Manning from 55 officers to 63.

As a resident of Huber Heights Tom McMasters is voting No on Issue 25

There is no conflict in these votes

This article explains my logic.

To ensure my reputation as a terrible politician stays intact, I start by talking about the significant reasons voting

TIF discussion - again -

All the way back in 2012 I started trying to explain TIFs to Huber Heights Residents.  I will start this article by exposing you to a post by Mr. Paul Schaeffer who manages the Facebook group Huber Heights Community Forum.  Currently this page is the most comprehensive "paper" for the Huber Heights community. 

Generally, you can expect that the things he writes are reasonably logical.  If you go
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Road improvements on Old Troy before Riverside, Office Building vs…

I am sure that if I had listened closely to the Aug 8th Work Session I could come up with more items to address.  However, I was scrubbing walls and didn't catch everything.  You might know that I am running for council and will be on the ballot in November.  Here are a couple take aways from what I heard while listening this morning. 

I don't know why council is wasting staff's time discussing

Wait to Renew the Income Tax Levy

We don't have to pass the renewal levy this year because it does not expire until 2025.  Lets use our vote to make sure council starts to provide the details about big projects like the purchase and revitalization of the strip mall on Brand Pike.  

McMasters for Council?

Will you support my running for Huber Heights City Council?
I often listen to the recording of City Council meetings while driving.  The one nice thing about the pandemic was I didn’t drive to work and often did not subject myself to the frustration that

Latest on City wide watermain line refurbishment. 

Latest on City wide watermain line maintenance. 

The Dec 6th Council Work Session ended with Council planning on increasing the budget for Water Line replacement from $1.3 million to $4.5 million and increasing water rates by 7.5% (approximately $2.66 a month per costumer) immediately, with the promise of raising rates at least an and additional 7.5% a month in March.  This combination of increases

Will annexation be approved again without due diligence?

Monday City Council will vote either to verify or not verify that the city is able to provide City Services to property that is proposed for annexation.  This article addresses the lack of due diligence by the city in verifying that adding these properties will not cause bigger deficits than we already experience.

Remember the city originally provided this certification back on Sept 13, 2021. 

City Attorney implements improved Executive Session Procedure

Many of you probably didn't know that I withdrew my lawsuit against the city after the judge made a decision on my motion for summary judgment.  Even though my effort did not result in a clear and unambiguous legal ruling about the Open Meetings Act I am pleased to see the the City Attorney adopted one of my contentions and implemented a useful change during the last work session.  


What to know about the two coalitions

If you didn’t realize it, there are two coalitions fielding candidates in the City government races. 

Is there an advantage to backing one of the coalitions?

Two Coalitions.png

Mayor Gore Honest? or Smart?  [candidate comparison part 2]

Jeff Gore and I got into a Facebook back and forth the other day.  Here is the Readers Digest Version (I post the whole conversation with analysis later so you can confirm this version is accurate).

The original post asked why we don’t get better police enforcement.

I respond because council decides to spend money on Veteran memorials instead of police officers

Jeff Gore says that even if council

Rating the 2021 Mayoral Candidates part 1

 It may come as a surprise to some but a reason I went to the Marigold Festival this year was because I wanted to let Glenn Otto know that I planned to write an article that said he was not as good a candidate as his opponent.  Before I got to tell him, we started talking about my desire to have him attest that the videos of the City Council meetings on the City Website are more accurate records

Open Meeting Act Lawsuit - Summary Judgment

Some of you may be aware that I filed a lawsuit against the City hoping to compel them into complying with the Ohio Sunshine Laws.  I identified multiple violations over the past couple of years.  All the Court filings to date can be found at then inputing 2021 CV 01213 as the case number.  Find the "Docket" in the top menu and this will pull up all the documents.…

Election Day Flier

Inappropriate Executive session leads to more wasted money

I listened to the 4 August work session. At the end they went into executive session. with the stated reason of "considering options in purchasing property for public purposes". This of course is not listed as one of the Permissible Discussion Topics found in the Ohio Sunshine Laws, Open Government Resource Manual.

Turns out the discussion led to the hiring of a real-estate consultant at an outrageous…

Keeping your water softener?  Make sure to adjust the regeneration…

Update - I guess the city is still going broke.

Complaint about the Mayor - the investigation

I thought I would take a minute to post links to the original complaint Mr. Otto made about the Mayor because Mr. Otto believed that Mr. Gore did not fulfill his responsibilities in regaurd to Mr. Morgan's residency issue.

Here is the link to the complaint.

Here is the link to Mrs. Bryge's investigation and recommendations

I am not going to add a lot of commentary in this article but will add

Another no bid contract.  

I thought I would talk a little bit about the Aquatic Center contract with the YMCA.  The main points are that council had the opportunity to go back and compare the cost of the current contract with the YMCA with the fixed price bid we got from Dayton Pool five years ago.  This comparison would have given us confidence in our current arrangement.  But no one on council asked for that comparison,

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This is why I am voting against the incumbent for Council at Large

Twenty minutes after telling us about the project; City council spent $3.7 million dollars to purchased 51 acres of property.  At the time they told us they were going to purchase the property, they authorized the City Manager to spend up to $250,000 to hire firms to figure out what they want to do with it. Hidden in the City Manager report of the October 8 work session are all the public details

Could this illegal flyer get me to vote for Otto?

Otto Mailer 1.jpg
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Budget Discussion

This discussion from this week's work session should be the most talked about city issue of the last 2 years.  It is 45 minutes long and if you care about your personal finances and the services the city can provide you will listen to it.  I am not providing commentary now but I hope after you listen to it you will join the discussion on Facebook.   Tell me your thoughts and take aways.

Click here

Inappropriate Executive Sessions - Could they cause us to lose our…

Council went into executive session Sept 17, 2019 to discuss comments made by Judge Piergies about Huber Heights City Manager Rob Schommer’s negotiating ability.  The comments Judge Pierges makes in the audio file below are inflammatory but not a legally approved reason for going into executive session. 

When they came out of executive session, they announced that they would be extending the

Council thinks they are that much smarter than you

What have they done this time?  See what I discovered as a result of listening to Agenda item 3E of this week’s work session. 
Item 3E is a resolution scheduled to be passed on Monday that waives the competitive bidding requirements for professional services needed to implement the program associated with the 51 acres the city is buying for $3.75 million dollars. 

The resolution they plan on

Should Glenn Otto be removed from Office

Should Glenn Otto be removed from Office for writing this Email?

Good afternoon Don,

I wanted to reach out to you concerning the “yard issue” at 7019 Shull Rd.

I have spoken with Mrs. Lisse and gone to the property to review the situation. Mrs. Li

Councilman Otto investigation

During Monday night's council meeting there was a 40-minute discussion[1] by council to decide if they want to spend money and hire a lawyer to investigate whether they want to try and invoke Section 13.08 (2)[2] of the Charter where is says an official can be removed from office for “Intentional violation of the prohibitions set forth in Section 4.06 of this Charter”.

This is how Section 4.06

Raise Council Pay by 560%!

This Monday Council will vote themselves a pay raise.  Though I believe these council members are grossly overpaid for the quality of work they perform, I argue that they are not raising it enough to pay for the quality we need. 

In what range should we set pay for a city council member?  First, I will address my friend and city podcaster, Matt Truman’s contention that dedicated public servants

Deceitful Spin – or outright lies, whichever.

I was beginning an article about the corruption indictments that made the news the other day when I decide to document another example of deceptive spin to reference in that article.  This incident occurred during council’s discussion on blackmailing the school system.
If that were to occur today that would be impactful because we have no dedicated
revenue to take on that a couple hundred thousand dollar a year expense.  

So that expense was taken on basically from the general fund.  

So we're just depleting general fund dollars to maintain that payment.  

Because there's no dedicated revenue for it.  

So we're not collecting tax or not collecting millage or anything on that value.  

We're just basically extracting it from what we already collect.

Councilman Morgan thinks blackmail works

In this article, I will talk about the important items about the TIF that should have been discussed during the April 16th work session, but council did not address.  Then I give a couple kudos on the smart things that were said.  Then we will talk about the contract the city has with the school to make the pilot payment for the deferred property tax.  After all that, I will address Seth’s silly

Importance of Timing when creating TIF

Residential TIFs expire 30 years after creation so the city will want to time the creation correctly to maximize the amount of money collected.  In the examples below I show that in general building too late costs a lot more than building too early.  For instance,

Council discusses blackmailing the school district out of $400,000

Back in 1996 the City went to the citizens and asked them if they could convert the privately held water company to a City owned utility.  As part of that takeover, the City and the School District came to an agreement where the School would support