Missing page that recently made the news

News: Missing page that recently made the news

Below is the email message that I sent regarding the missing page that made the news yesterday.  The original email was composed by Councilmember Lyons.  There is quite a long email trail that I did not copy and paste but would be available as a public records request.  In the email below the date referenced in this sentence "Without checking the record, I believe that meeting was the May 3, 2016

Why did you send the email to the news?
Both WHIO and The Huber Heights Courier had asked me about missing documents a week prior.  At that time I told them that no documents were missing and the issue was about copying documents and taking those copies out of the records room.

This email was sent to the media to correct that statement and to also try and set the tone of the issue as a missing document that could easily be replaced.  
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