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Welcome to Tom McMasters' blog about being Mayor & life in Huber Heights


I believe I will be able to make better decisions if more residents know what's happening in Huber Heights. When I started this site I hoped to inspire 4 or 5 residents to attend committee meetings and then write informative articles for the rest of the community to reference. That idea never developed and I ended up writing most of the articles.  Now that I've been elected Mayor, I've been in a quandary on what to do with the site. The city has official methods for conveying information. I plan to use this open forum to have a conversation that allows me to learn more about the city and your views. Yes I know, people shouldn't do public math.  Oh well, you're going to see it, warts and all.  With luck you'll give me insight into what you're thinking, but I'm positive it will allow you to see how I think.
Tom McMasters

As important as I'd like to think this website can be, if you really want to keep up with City government regularly look at the agenda items found on the City's Meeting Information & Audio / Video page 

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Ed Lyons - Thank you council for a billion dollars!

Category: General

Thank you council for giving us a billion dollars, "that's billion with a b".  This was Ed Lyons showing his understanding of economic development at the announcement of "The Heights" development project just before he was elected to council. 

If Ed Lyons, Jan Vargo, Karen Kaleps or Lu Dale were capable of understanding what it takes to produce economic development they would have…

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There are reasons I like Richard Stan for Ward 6 Council Representa…

Category: General

Ed Lyons has been useless in helping me do my job of making sure the public understands the decisions Council makes on behalf of the City.  I just came upon this article by Richard Stan that makes me believe things could be much better next year.

From the desk of Richard Stan:

Rebuttal to Ed Lyon’s Speech to the League of Women Voters on Thursday, Oct 1.

My honorable opponent, Ed Lyons, spoke…

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Another $579,000 wasted by Council

Category: General

Tonight council will waste another $579,000 when they vote to give an unneeded incentive to build more houses in Carriage Trails.  If you've been paying attention, City developments in subdivisions like "The Oaks", "Callamere Farms" and Lexington Place located South of I-70 have built over 700 houses in the past few years with no financial supplement from the City(1).  Since 2009 the City has

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September 23rd 2015, 9:32 PM Update $651,651 (not $1 Million) dollar deficit in City Budget 0 comments

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Another $579,000 wasted by Council

 I know we have put way to much money in this housing project.. if it were so much in demand people would be putting down payment moneys on the units to get them built.. Just food for thought.. I vote NO MORE GIVING MONEYS $$ AWAY..

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The pictures make it obvious a no bid contract for the new Fire Hou…

Can't wait until November

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Early Voting has started, I won't be voting for Ms. Vargo - even th…

I think the background off all these candidates needs to be looked into.  I myself will not vote for a candidate to handle my city's money if they cannot handle their own.  

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Aquatic Center Contract award based on friendship

The management company you refer to is not sending any select soccer kids to Kettering.  A partnership program had been created to provide local families other options to avoid them leaving our community play soccer. To date, no teams have been created. The management company has held basketball camps, and a variety of other summer camps in the parks each summer as well as 5k races and a half marathon on behalf of the city's parks and recreation department.

You are right about one thing, apples to apples is very hard to do when you have a large variable such as weather that affects the operational costs and revenues. It should be pointed out that the management company chosen to run the pool does not charge the city for any staffing not used when the pool is closed! Fixed costs contracts would pay for staffing regardless of pool operating status.

Finally, it should also be pointed out that the management company selected has provided recreational services and a facility in Huber Heights for 10 years.  Having served over 700,000 visitors and participants, and with over 11,000 members, my guess is this is a much larger volume of residents being served than before the partnership was created 10 years ago.

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Why don't you run for City Council

If you do go to the Board of Elections they will tell you how many other people have come by to get petitions.  Even if it looks like there are a lot of people interested don't get the wrong impression.

Many people never file and some people file incorrectly.  In fact, I would bet that if 10 people get petitions only about 3 of them will actually file.  

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Site Purpose

I've found that when people talk to our current city council they listen. I also believe council both needs that scrutiny and they don't like it. In fact, they proclaim they want public input but then their actions discourage it. I’ve been trying for a year and a half to get more people to learn about what council is doing because I know with our feedback the city will end up with better government. This website is new online and I have a great vision on where it can go! Right now you can review the beginning of the Aquatic Center or “The Heights” or you can create a profile and start adding content to this site. This is a great project and I look forward to working with you to ensure we get good government here in Huber Heights.



If you've come to this website because of a flier you probably want to see the City Lawyer's opinion paper first. At the very bottom of that page you can find a link to the flier for you to download it and pass it out yourself. 
Tom McMasters


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Web Designers, Authors, Ideas Wanted

This website theme has great potential especially since it is open source and free but I can see I'll need help to make it work. If you believe in the vision and you can write code for a website as sophisticated as this contact me. As useful as this site seems it loads pretty slow so if you know of another open source theme that does the same things contact me.
Also, I think if there are 8 of us willing to rotate through the committee meetings and then write about the key events we can improve this city. Contact me if you are interested.

Finally, if you have pictures of City events, construction, public areas or services I'd like to show them. Send them to me and I'll incorporate them into the site. Tom McMasters

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2040 Long Range Transportation Plan

Subject:        Public Participation Meetings to be held regarding the 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan Update. 
Dayton, OH - The Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission (MVRPC) will hold a series of Public Participation Meetings regarding the 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan Update as follows: 

  • Tuesday, October 20, 2015 
Troy-Miami County Public Library – Multipurpose Room
419 W. Ma

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Tax Split


Which city council members are up for election in 2013

Lu Dale, Karen Keleps, Ed Lyons, Jan Vargo – 2 votes
Tyler Starline, Tracy Dudley, Judy Blankenship, Mark Campbell – 4 votes