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Welcome to Tom McMasters' blog about being Mayor & life in Huber Heights


This is the third year of my four year term as Mayor.  This site is set up so that I can let you know my thoughts on City government and you can give me feedback on what you like and dislike about my performance as mayor as well as what is going on in the City.  We can talk about anything here. 

To the left you can post your own blog.  You can also comment on the main articles.  If you ever want to get back to the front page click on the top left part of the page that has the logo.  Also, for quick notes or to tell you about upcoming events I often use my Facebook page
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As important as I'd like to think this website can be, if you really want to keep up with City government regularly look at the agenda items found on the City's Meeting Information & Audio / Video page 

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YMCA discussion and the Feb 2nd Work Session

Category: Huber Heights City Government

We’ve had a couple of work sessions now with the new council members in place.  We’ve seen some positive and some negative results.  The one item I plan to talk about today is the discussion with the director of the Huber Heights YMCA.  That discussion is on video.  It is the 5th agenda item and starts about 1 hour 30 minutes into the meeting.  Before I start that discussion let me point out that

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Apply for the open City Council Position or convince your neighbor…

Category: General

There is an opening for the Ward 5 City Council position.  If you have lived in Huber Heights Ward 5 for at least one year and have been registered to vote in Ohio for at least one year you can apply by submitting a cover letter and resume to the Clerk of the Council, Mr. Anthony Rodgers.  I'd appreciate a courtesy copy or at least notice that you are interested.  The target date for submission is on or before Feb 10,…

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Politics and the music center

Just asking…has the city manager or anyone who represents Huber Heights, have they contacted any current presidential campaign to see if they would come to the music center and do a political event? I would think that this would be a good thing for Huber with many positives. First off, rent for the music center. Huber Heights name being thrown out there. Campaign monies flowing into the community. The location is great for the candidates and the traffic. Once someone is at the music center for a political rally, they might see the concert schedule and want to come back. Again, many positives for Huber Heights.

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Water Softening Discussion

So when was there a survey for water softening? This is the first I an hearing about this.

In reading this article, it states that if Huber goes ahead and does the water softening, the average monthly increase would be $6.27 per month. I would have to say that number would realistically be around $15 per month. There are operating costs and budget over-runs once they start doing the job. Plus we all know how honest the city council is when they give us these numbers.

IMO, if people want the city water to be softened, then this should definitely be on an election ballot.

In my house, I installed 2 whole house water filters and a water softener. Then I added a cold water filter under the kitchen sink. My refrigerator has another filter built in and it never clogs because the water is too clean before it gets there. I spent under $500 total and installed all of this by myself. The filters cost under $5 each and I replace them about every 2 or 3 months. I buy 2 or 3 bags of salt per month. I will gladly continue my way of water filtering before I would choose to pay more to the city for the same water. Even if the city started water softening, I will keep doing what I am doing.

I think that if someone was that concerned about their water quality, then they would go ahead and do their own fix. Why would you gripe and hope someone else does something for you?

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School Board opening Huber Heights City Schools - apply ASAP

You are absolutely correct.  I spent the better part of yesterday (Sunday) and today trying to find any "official" notice anywhere on their website about the School Board vacancy (aside from watching the utube video).  How unfortunate that our school district is not up-to-date with technology and the benefits it provides.  The 2016 calendar is not up-to-date (for the Board meeting - when/where/time).  How are we to be involved if this information is not easily located or updated?  

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Goodbye 2015, hello 2016

I tend to agree with your comments.  The citizens have spoken in the last election and want a different direction or might I say correcting the course.  Your comments about were right on while I cannot say anything for the second I sure can for the third.  Yes I say things in a very direct manner, I do not sugar coat anything.  One might ask why am I that way.  Well for the past 2+years I started to go to the council meetings and speak and when I ask questions and do not get full answers I grow frustrated.  The citizens expect better on getting the right correct full data out.  The council member that called me out put in a email sent to all and me later to remind me of the definition of integrity.  Some key words truthful, completeness, to name a couple.  I continued to get half truths as I call it.  What is a half truth?  Well here is what it is…A person as in the music center says the center made a profit.  Well did it.  I have requested data for months and get piecemeal.  I still do not have the final answers to my questions.  That is just one of many that have made me grow frustrated at the way the city and old council were running things.  Once the press release or article is written with half truths the story is correct but make the reader think one way instead of the correct way.  My new years resolution if I want to have one in this area is having a council and city manager that work for the citizens of Huber not their self interests. We want to see the city manager and council work for us.  We want full clear accurate information, not to work  with emergency actions (I will comment further on that), get our finance in order before another penny is spent so all know the $50M+ debt impacts the residents of the city, no more sole source, no more subsidy for DEC for Carriage Trails (more to follow), explain the disconnect of the special assessment that those residents pay which is much less that what they signed for at closing?  Does this mean that the city will be eating the cost which is a result of poor decision making?  If DEC wants more subsidies for Phase three and four then they should come with open books and show why they need one.  When I asked the question the response I received is we do not look at their books.  Well now do you know they need one.  The city should not be the one working up the deal.   It starts with DEC.  If they say they will walk away from it without it then maybe we do not need them to continue.  While I am not an attorney Huber Heights in 2015 operated under the everything is an emergency (most of the time).  I have been trying to see if I am correct when you do emergency legislation and non emergency.  While I cannot say in the affirmative but it looks like emergency cannot be changed so sole sourcing to DEC all the time cannot be changed much less any other contract.  Maybe someone with a more legal background could clear that up.  I am going to assume that the music center did indeed loose money their first year.  I as a citizen would like to see MEMI come make a presentation on why they think we lost money and what can be done to show a profit, and take questions from council and citizens and answer them instead of getting filtered data through the city manager.  Hopefully our city will open up more and let the citizens know truthfully what is going on from debt, subsidy's bonds, TIF, risk just to name a few.  I wish this next city council all the best especially to the three new members of council and my you stay true to your beliefs in the decisions you will make to make Huber Heights better.

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Music Center profit loss discussion - this is fun.

First off I have always said the city should not be in the seasonal entertainment business. That said I'm tired of the city and community always having such negative issues ALL the time. The Music Center is here let's support it!  Let's get the TRUE numbers so we can do better. But ALSO let's stop the LIES as well. Our "City" officials and staff contributed to this article. The City mangers and others Lied! Why are they not reprimanded for doing so? This is not the firs time this has happen. The water park is an issue as well lied about the numbers. Enough all ready when the "ACTUALLY" numbers come out then release the "REAL" numbers. Not Lies.

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Site Purpose

I've found that when people talk to our current city council they listen. I also believe council both needs that scrutiny and they don't like it. In fact, they proclaim they want public input but then their actions discourage it. I’ve been trying for a year and a half to get more people to learn about what council is doing because I know with our feedback the city will end up with better government. This website is new online and I have a great vision on where it can go! Right now you can review the beginning of the Aquatic Center or “The Heights” or you can create a profile and start adding content to this site. This is a great project and I look forward to working with you to ensure we get good government here in Huber Heights.



If you've come to this website because of a flier you probably want to see the City Lawyer's opinion paper first. At the very bottom of that page you can find a link to the flier for you to download it and pass it out yourself. 
Tom McMasters


Web Designers, Authors, Ideas Wanted

This website theme has great potential especially since it is open source and free but I can see I'll need help to make it work. If you believe in the vision and you can write code for a website as sophisticated as this contact me. As useful as this site seems it loads pretty slow so if you know of another open source theme that does the same things contact me.
Also, I think if there are 8 of us willing to rotate through the committee meetings and then write about the key events we can improve this city. Contact me if you are interested.

Finally, if you have pictures of City events, construction, public areas or services I'd like to show them. Send them to me and I'll incorporate them into the site. Tom McMasters

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Model airplanes / Drones

I think it is because I was a test pilot for the X-45 and a safety officer for Global Hawk and Predator and I've also belong to a model aircraft club that I have a different idea of UAV than what we see in the news.  Most of the drones we see in the news are really just more sophisticated model airplanes and we would be a lot safer if people realized this and operated them as if they thought…

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Cookies with Santa - Christmas Concert.

I received these two Huber Heights Christmas announcements for Thursday Dec 3rd Cookies with Santa at the Athletic Foundation and Sunday Dec 6th Christmas Concert at the Eichelberger Amphitheater.

A reminder of the annual Huber Heights Athletic Foundation "Cookies with Santa" event for 2015!

The event will be held this Thursday, December 3, 2015, from 5:30 to 8 p.m. at the Huber Heights Athletic

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Housing to Youth

I was looking at the procedures to start an llc and found this interesting in the context of all the questions about Concept 1.  I wonder if they have the referenced letter and if they do why they didn't provide it.  It certainly would have helped their credibility. 

Some of the reasons to add an attachment would be in the following situations:
* The business name you have selected is already in

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