Vice Mayor Starline missed the point in his opinion

News: Vice Mayor Starline missed the point in his opinion

If you hadn’t heard Council Member Smith got mad at me because an agenda item she requested didn’t make the agenda.  I’ve posted her complaint below.  The issue I’m going to discuss first is Vice Mayor Starline's conclusion that the rules of council don't allow me to require Council members to provide written background information about what they want to discuss.

Mr. Mayor,

Can you please provide the specific rules in which you make the following 2 claims:

1.  The 3 ways that an item on an agenda (.
2.  The mayor can reject any agenda item for any reason

You claim those to be true, but what backs that up?

The rules of council referenced by Starline seem to back up his claim that the mayor has no such authority.  Section N of the document below.

I have to agree with Starline's conclusion unless you can back up your claims.  All that document says is the Clerk of Council is responsible (consulting with city manager and presiding officer) or an item can be compelled by 3 council members.
Michael:  From page 5 of the Rules of Council

N. Agendas:
1. Preparation: The Clerk of Council shall be responsible for preparing the agendas for all Council meetings in consultation with the City Manager and the Presiding Officer. The Presiding Officer may also solicit input from
Councilmembers for the agendas for all Council meetings. Any three (3) Councilmembers may also compel an item to be placed on the agenda for all Council meetings.

Yes, I saw that and posted part of it.

I'm missing the part where the Mayor has the right to veto any item he wants.  It says 3 members of Council can compel the mayor.  That means you can't reject it and it has to be put on the agenda.  You can't require them to provide read-ahead materials.

It says 3 members of Council can compel the mayor


Not sure why you are quoting this section.  There is no instance of this section being invoked that I have rejected.  

As an aside your wording is incorrect, this section does not say they can compel the Mayor.  
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