Mayor Censured - fodder for click clackers

News: Mayor Censured - fodder for click clackers

Paul Scheaffer, someone whose Facebook page "Huber Heights Community Forum" should be a daily look, endorsed the other candidate that is running to represent Ward 6 on city council. 

One of the strains in our relationship is the negative perception he had of me prior to ever engaging with me.  That perception appears to be largely formed from misinformation spread by those that support other city

Tom, I have read what you have provided. I still have no public comment on if your stand on principle was appropriate in my view. At the significant risk of fueling the writing of another chapter in this saga, I’ll leave you with the following rhetorical. What you have not addressed is how your conduct, communication style, and ability to work with others may have contributed to the strained relationship with Council, the negative press, solving the city’s problems during your term, and ultimately why that is a factor voters should or should not consider when deciding who to vote for. 
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