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The Ward 4 race is between Carl Urbanas and Andy Hill.  My choice for that race is Andy Hill. 
The reason is because Andy was the one candidate of all the candidates in all the races that was willing to go on the record as being against the deceptive tactics counsel was using in order to try to get some of the ballot measures passed.  This went a long way to sway my opinion and shows he is someone totally independent of either of the two factions currently on council.  His willingness to be someone willing to go on the record in an important and controversial issues shows he is not a typical “safe” politician.  This is needed in this city and the primary reason I believe Andy Hill needs to be on council. 
He is independent.  He is willing to go on the record.  When he goes on the record he makes the right choice.
The other thing in his favor is he works on base in a technical position.  This is a positive attribute as well. 
Carl Urbanas, I know him a little bit from when I went to the Democratic Club meetings.  I had a couple conversations with him.  I am not really scared of Carol Urbanas.  I know that some of the other guys on council are a little bit worried about his relationship with the Democratic Club because the Democratic Club has elected Ed Lyons as its president.  Ed is someone that has been very disruptive to council and the misinformation he spreads about other members of council, for his own political gain, have no merit.  If I thought Ed represented the hard-working Democrats I grew up with, I would be ashamed that I was registered and voted in the Democratic primaries my entire military career. 
But I do not think Carl and Ed are one in the same even if Carl should repudiate the damage Ed continues to inflict on the city.  Carl's probably alright from the little bit I've gotten to talk to him.
I am not particularly worried about him as some of the other guys are.   I just know we need the independence and judgment Andy brings to the table and Andy Hill is the better choice for the position today.
Vote Andy Hill for Ward 4 representative. 

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