Why don't you run for City Council

This past year I asked our City Manager to write out the tasks that need to be done in order to successfully run a Music Center so that when we looked at possible management companies we had some criteria to help us with that decision.   I was told this was complicated.  This was a good enough excuse to for our current council members and this task was never completed.  

When we finally got to see the no-bid, no market rate comparison, Music Center Management contract we went and signed this weak document because our current council members make important decisions base on a perception that this company wouldn't want to do a bad job because it would hurt their reputation.

Last week all but one of the current council members proposed a no-bid contract to the same contractor that got previous no-bid contracts to build the Aquatic and Music Centers.  Then I sat and listened incredulously as one council member gleamed about the cost of each of these projects.  

In 2014 these council members spent money on VIP sections, concession stand upgrades and lighted billboards instead of spending that money on a needed Firehouse.  

I think that if quality candidates get their names on the ballot for four seats up for election this November our current Council members will make better decision in 2015.  I'd also like to see an fully engaged and capable council in place when 2016 comes along.

Why don't you run for Council?  

At the very least find someone that is willing and capable then talk them into running.  

Unfortunately, this year has been a circus, primarily because this council thinks that it is mean for someone to suggest we follow good business practices and expect value for our tax dollars.  With your help next year we can spend more time planning and implementing ways to improve our city services and strengthen the City's financial position. 

Get with your neighbors and friends and make sure we get quality people to run for council.  Do it soon.  Petitions have to be filed before Feb 4th.