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Fire Department flood responses

City Manager Rob Schommer passed us this report from Chief Ashworth:

The Big News was the flooding that occurred Wednesday night. We recently 
upgraded some of our aging equipment and increased our training which clearly paid off. We 
did, however, ran out of staffing even after calling in overtime and had to prioritize calls. 
Fortunately there were no injuries nor loss of life. Here is a breakdown of the events that 
transpired throughout the night: 

• St Rt. 235 / Gerlaugh: Mutual aid to Bethel – Car under water with person on
the roof / rescued 
2 • Artz @ Center Point 70: Car under water with person on the roof / rescued
• I-70 at Bellefontaine: 5 Cars under water, needed verification that all victims
were accounted for: verified
• Shull Rd at Bellefontaine: Man on roof of a truck, sinking and moving fast in
swift water / rescued
• 9800 Carriage Trails: car under water person in car / rescued
• 1000 Dayton Yellow springs Rd: Mutual Aid to Fairborn – Car under water with
person trapped on roof / rescued
• 11792 Gerlaugh: Mutual Aid to Bethel: Evacuate an apartment residence by
boat / rescued (3 hours)

Total persons rescued by HHFD water team: 15 
The crews worked non-stop throughout the night and am very happy with their response. Our 
biggest issue was staffing and response times. 

If you haven’t already, check out these video links showing OUR Fire Division in action 
coming to the rescue of a stranded motorist and some news coverage on the event:   This is raw video of a Fairborn rescue  This is a WHIO report with multiple video clips  This is a link to multiple WDTN reports on the I 70 flood.