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Couple of Special Meetings next Tuesday ( Admin Committee, Water and Sewer Board)

Here is a heads up that shortly the city should announce a couple of specially added meetings to next week's schedule both on Tuesday:

Looks like at 5:00 pm the Administration Committee will meet to discuss the Music Center management contract.  This will be the first time council members get to see it and it will allow for discussion in two committee meetings.  I commend Mr. Schommer and Mr. Campbell for giving us this opportunity.

At 6:00 pm the Water and Sewer Board will get a presentation from and then discuss with staff the implications the 2025 plan will have on the water and sewer funds and reserves.

Here is the text of an email I sent to staff with my observations and questions concerning the water and sewer reserves:

Subject: Five year plan on water and sewer
I believe if the intention really is to borrow the money from the Water and Sewer funds the city needs to do a five to ten year projection of water and sewer needs.  Things to include:
  • Present balances
  • Present debts
  • Short term and long term water and sewer needs
    • Project yearly sewer line replacement
    • Green Sand
    • Water Tower
    • Other capital improvements or maintenance
  • Projected TIF (development) borrowing and Carriage Trails subsides
    • Expected amount to be lent
    • Expected direct investment
    • Expected amount encumbered by promise
  • Projected ability to maintain rates
  • Payment schedule and mechanism for ensuring it occurs
  • Expected balances by year
  • Minimum reserves to maintain present services, rates and projected water and sewer needs and the calculations to show that this borrowing will not cause the funds to fall below that level.
Additionally, the concept of city wide water softening was highly regarded in the 2010 survey with more than 70% of the city showing support.  This matches my own read from people I talk with.  However, I've not been able to find anywhere on the city website a discussion on this subject.  It would be beneficial to have a white paper available on costs, time frame, feasibility.  If this turns out to be feasible show a plan that puts the water fund back to a place where it could support such a project.
If these are already available, I'd appreciate seeing them in their present form.
Tom McMasters
Mayor of Huber Heights
937 985-6275 (H) 937 985-6431 (D)

Here is a link to my previous write up on the 2025 plan.