DDN article concerning staff at General Council Meetings

I suggested months ago that we stop asking all of staff to come to Council meetings if it was preventing them from preparing written reports prior to committee meetings. Today, days before the election that request was twisted into an article from the DDN. http://www.mydaytondailynews.com/…/huber-heights-cha…/npB3R/

Below you can see the example of what staff needs to be protected from.  If you can't watch the entire 25 minutes I recommend at least looking at the discussion around these times:

2:15 thru 8:00  (shorten to starting at 6:30 if you are really time constrained)

15:17 thru 18:48

19:40 thru 22:35

In case it is not obvious this post was meant to help you decide who to vote for on Tuesday.  I don't think that I am overstepping my bounds by saying that Ms. Vargo is expressing the sentiments of all four council members up for election this Tuesday.  I appreciate your reviewing and sharing and any opinions you might express.   I do know that I am a typical introverted physicist/mathematician and my public persona often reflects the stereotype.  Comments on this aspect of my personality are useful in prompting me to work on improving this.  However, comments concerning whether looking at cost comparisons are part of council's job as I contend or support for Ms. Vargo's counter point will be more useful for this discussion.  If you agree please let your neighbors know you support me and then vote for Glenn Otto Council at Large, Richard Stan Ward 6, Richard Shaw Ward 1, and Janell Smith Ward 2

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I suggested months ago that we stop asking all of staff to come to Council meetings if it was preventing them from…

Posted by Thomas McMasters on Sunday, November 1, 2015

There is a time lag between the video with the audio on this recording.  Watch it directly from the City website at mms://agendaquick.hhoh.org/dcr2/CC072715.wmv  starting at 44 minutes 55 seconds into the video and it may show without the lag. 

Here is a link to find your polling location

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