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I am disappointed that the read ahead for next week's committee meetings are not yet posted.  I did get the agenda's as an email last week.  I'll post further below.  But since the read ahead are missing it gives me the opportunity to address agenda item F from the 25 Nov 2013 Council meeting.

"A Resolution Authorizing The City Manager To Seek Out And Present To Council For Its Consideration A Consultant(s) To Assist And Advise The City With Regard To The Impacts And Effects Of The Economic Forecasting Of The City Over The Next Several Years, And Declaring An Emergency. (first reading)"   

I'm glad at the end of the discussion of this item Council member Dudley confirmed this item concerns the prospect of a Tax Levy next year.  When I first saw it I suspected that this was the case but that is not positively stated in the agenda item.  It also isn't at all obvious from the City Manager's comments either.  But if you listen closely enough near the end of Ms. Dudley's remarks she does state this is "relative to a tax issue".  

When I was considering speaking on this agenda item I concluded that I would have to address both my suspicion this was a result of the Administration Committee budget discussion.  In that discussion it appears most council members believe a levy is the only way to solve the of the city's money issue (for the last 4/5 years the city has been spending reserve funds in order to supplement General Fund expenditures).  That discussion left the impression that council planned to hire professionals to help market a levy campaign.  I was wondering why the school's felt they couldn't actively campaign for a levy if we were allowed to hire a marketing firm.  I see that the idea now is to go out and gather information on what kind of levy measure would have the best chance of passing. 

The other thing I wondered about that wasn't discussed is the ballpark cost council was planning on authorizing for this economic forecasting endeavor. 

If you don't see the Youtube window above here is a link to the comments made at the council meeting about this economical development proposal

Here are the agenda items for this week's Administration and Public Works Committees

Public Works starts on Tuesday 3 Dec at about 4:30 pm. Administration committee starts at about 6 pm.

Public Works

·          ZC 13-46 – Rezoning and Basic Development Plan – Dollar General – 6655 Brandt Pike
·          Concession Stand – Thomas Cloud Park
·          Former Taylorsville Inn Site – Fencing Issues
·          2014 MVRPC Dues
·          Commercial/Industrial Trash Hauling
·          Section 521.10 – Duty To Cut Grass and Weeds – Huber Heights Codified Ordinances
·          Welcome Package – Huber Heights Residents in Miami County
·          Former Camp Fire USA Building
·          Dayton Regional Green Initiative Resolution
·          Veteran Memorial Designations
·          Future Public Works Projects/Initiatives

Administration  Committee

·          2014 City Table of Organization and Salary Ranges
·          Music Center
·          The Heights Development
·          Carriage Trails
·          Ohio Valley Christian Alliance – Special Assessments
·          2014 Montgomery County Public Defender Contract
·          2014 City Attorney Contract
·          2014 Zimmers & Associates Contract
·          Board and Commission Appointments
·          Liquor Permit #49572030070 – LaRosa’s – 7375 Old Troy Pike
·          Liquor Permit #06995380160 – Big Lots – 5555 Executive Boulevard
·          2013 Supplemental Appropriations
·          2014 City Budget
·          City Debt Issues
·          2014 City Council Meeting Schedule
·          2014 Rules of Council
·          2014 Committee Assignments
·          2014 Vice Mayor
·          Executive Session – Personnel Matters – Hiring Issues

It will be interesting to see what kind process council will use to choose the next City Manager.  If you remember council used executive session up until the time they disclosed that they hired Mr. Studebaker.  You can look at the discussion as it was revealed Jan 28, 2013.  The discussion starts about 25 minutes into the video of the Jan 28, 2013 council meeting.