Spending the $750,000 Music Center Budget

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Monday (29 Sept 2013) Huber Heights City Council will hold a Special Session of Council in order to discuss:
The Process By Which Talent Is Engaged For The Music Center At The Heights By Music Event Management, Inc., The Role Of The City In That Process And The Role Of The City Manager In The Execution Of The City’s Duties Under The Facility Management Agreement,
My apologies for the timing and expediency of the process.  However, the proposed Memorandum of Understanding is available now for you to review.  Council will discuss this MOU at  6:00 pm Monday during the Council of the Whole session and then vote on it during the Special Council meeting which starts at 8:00.   I’d appreciate your reading the MOU and providing feedback designed to ensure the City is in the best position after passage of the legislation.  Written comments here prior to Monday afternoon is one method and would also allow other council members and interested residents to review.  Emailing me is another.  I really hope to see many of you during the 6 pm meeting so you can hear the deliberative process of council.  The final, although least effective method, would be to register to speak during the 8 pm council meeting.
Thank you for your interest in City Business and taking the time to offer input designed to improve the quality of our decisions.